So, every month I host a mini-raffle for the supporters/readers of PRS and my work. To enter is simple: All you have to do is post a comment on a PRS page or any art I post on DA. There's a few rules, but that's the gist of it.

So why do the raffle? This is my way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who stops to take the time to say something. It really means the world to see people enjoying my work- and more so when they think it's worth the time and effort of commenting. I hope to continue this every month for as long as I can manage.

Now, on to the rules!

- Only one comment per page/post will get you a ticket. If you comment on 4 different pages, you can get 4 tickets. If you post 4 times on one page, you get one ticket.

- Posting comments on both DeviantArt and Smackjeeves for the same page will get you one ticket for each site.

- Posts that can be considered spam will not count for tickets. Continued spam will get you banned from raffles. Posting the same post on both DA/SJ will only get you one ticket on one site- not both sites.

- The month the tickets apply to is determined by the date that the page/post went public. Posting comments on older pages from previous months will not get you tickets.

- The raffle winners will generally be drawn between the 1st-5th of the following month. Any posts made after drawing will not give tickets.

- DeviantArt and Smackjeeves will have separate drawings. The number of winners picked for each site will vary based on the number of tickets given out (typically between the 1st and 5th of each month)

- Prize winners must contact me through private message on DA/SJ or via the discord server to claim their prize.

Prize Information

Winners may request a variety of bonus goodies that is often reserved purely for Patrons. These include:

- Postcards (Requires valid address)
- Wallpapers
- Access to a Patron-only video
- Access to PRS concept doodles
- Access to High-Res versions of art/pages I've done
- PRS Chapter PDFs (With Annotations- only Chapters 1-2 are available atm)
- Other: ASK ME. I will consider other options.

Check the links below for more specific options on the postcards, wallpapers, concepts, and videos.

Video/Concept Sketch Lists

a f f i l i a t e s

New affiliates are always welcome! PM me for more info! Inactive affiliates and broken images will be removed.