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Regarding PRS Page 06-17 + Hiatus

Due to complaints regarding how well hidden the 'secret' of Page 06-17 was and a breach of trust regarding spoilers, I have removed the secret from Page 06-17.

Every now and then I'll give hints to friends and more active readers to these type of hints with the expectation that they cannot publicly share such information. Due to someone posting a hint to the finding the secret I have removed it to prevent spoilers. Had people found the secret without my help/hints, I'd have been happy to let it be shared. Not like this though.

The nature of the secret was extremely spoiler-y in nature and was meant to be purely an easter egg for creative people to find. That which the secret hints to has been hinted at before and will be hinted at again. A later page would have called back to this page and given a hint to the secret- and an even later page (I say later, but probably no later than the end of Ch. 8) would have been the reveal.

I honestly never expected anyone to find the secret- I meant for it to be something different from the usual hints. I was unaware that it'd piss people off. I apologize for this. I won't hide anything to this extreme in the future. I thought it would be a silly little easter egg to add in for my own entertainment and- for those who may have discovered it- a neat little surprise. It won't happen again.

I'm a bit stressed about this on top of holiday shopping, winter classes, and just family drama. I think I'll take a week or two off from PRS to recover. So the last 2 pages of the chapter may not come to light until the new year.

Sorry again.

- Neko

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