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Monthly Raffle Winners!

i nearly forgot about this! Now that PRS is updating again, I'll be drawing the raffle at the start of each month.

To recap, you get one ticket for each PRS related post that you comment on. Also non-PRS stuff. I count those too from time to time. You can get one ticket per upload/post/whatever on Smackjeeves and Deviantart. I'll draw 2-3 people each month per site depending on the total number of tickets.

As for prizes, the winners may pick any of the following

- Postcard mailed to them (US only)
- Access to any High-Res version of anything I've uploaded
- One of the Patron-only desktop wallpapers
- Access to one of the patron-only Videos
- Access to any one Patron-only post/content that I haven't already listed

Note: For the postcard winner/s of the last raffle... um- I haven't mailed those out yet. It slipped my mind. Those will be sent out with any that get picked this month.

And the Winners for November are:

DeviantArt: Koren, WriterRaven, T-H-E-GUY
Smackjeeves: Koren, Espeon8812, and NeonUmbreon

Please contact me regarding what you want for your prizes! Congrats and THANKS for being awesome people. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated and give me such great motivation!

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