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Howdy, everyone!

It's that time again- news post! What do you mean I missed the last few news posts? I have no idea what anyone is talking about!

Update Status

Everything is still on hiatus as of my typing of this. However, with Inktober out of the way, I've got more time to work on... NaNoWriMo! -throws confetti- What? Were you expecting me to say something else? Pfft. Nah, don't worry- I do intend to get working on PRS again this month. NaNo is more for fun this year than it is for winning. I don't think I've got the energy to win NaNo, so we'll see. I plan on working on a buffer before I start posting pages though- so it may be a few weeks before regular updates start again.

However, I WILL be posting finished pages on Patreon ahead of time as they get done.

Buffer Status

PFft. Buffer. Right. Does the next page having been sketched for weeks count? No? Oh well. (WIP)

Patreon News

So, there's going to be a few changes to the rewards:

+ PSD files of PRS pages ($15 tier)
+ PSD files of selected non-PRS art ($25 tier)
+ PDF files of PRS chapters, complete with commentary, notes, etc. by me (Originally $15, now $10)

I'll be removing some older posts since I consider it unfair to long-time patrons that new people can get instant access to these things. Not all posts- but quite a few will go. I will make these available through other means such as one-time donations (at a higher cost than being a patron) or by winning the monthly PRS raffle that will resume along with updates. More details on this later. The removal of these posts won't begin right away but should begin by the end of the month.

Also, for those who want to become a patron but do not want to put a shipping address (it'll ask because of postcards), you are welcome to exclude the address and contact me to work out an alternate perk for the $5 tier. The issue of people not wanting to share their address came up with the raffle winners. (I'm still waiting on decisions/responses from some on that, by the way!)

Due to an error on my part, the postcard for November will be late. I had thought I ordered the postcards last month, but I never hit the 'complete checkout' button. They should arrive at my place around mid-November- so hopefully they will arrive at everyone's home by the end of the month. Hopefully. I'll be working on the December postcard soon! Here's the current available postcards:

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Monthly Desktop
Ideas and suggestions are welcome this month!

I'm still unsure if I can handle weekly streams again, but I'll see if I can get these back on track. Most likely they'll be on Thursdays or Wednesdays. Keep an eye on DA or subscribe to picarto for notifications on streams. I'll only post a notice on Smackjeeves if it's a PRS page that I'm working on.

The Request Stream for October will be on Friday, November 4th. This is because I was unable to do it in October. I'll schedule the November one when I can. While Patrons get priority on requests, I do often allow non-Patrons to request- so everyone is encouraged to come!


Art Recordings
Here are links to all the videos uploaded since the last news post!

July Requests: [link]
PRS 06-12: [link]
LLF Ratchet: [link]
LLF Rewind: [link]
September Requests: [link]
August Requests: [link]
LLF Red Alert: [link]
LLF Rung: [link]
LLF Days 10-14: Coming Soon
LLF Days 15-19: Coming Soon
LLF Days 20-24: Coming Soon
LLF Days 25-29: Coming Soon
LLF Days 30-31: Coming Soon

Northern Lights: Patron Only
New PRS Cover: Patron Only

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