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Sorry for the delays - Important News!

Okay, first of all, I'd like to apologies for the inconsistent updates as of late. I know I missed at least 2 Tuesday updates recently as well as this past Friday. I meant to make up the Friday- but writer's block hit hard. I have the next page scripted and sketched- but the writer's block was stressing me out a bit since I knew I was out of script and wanted to put focus on that over finishing the next page.

Thankfully, with a little help from Robin, I managed to sort out the worst of the writer's block. I should be getting back into productivity this week! While I didn't get any scripting done tonight, I did get a more detailed outline for the rest of the chapter written out (before, it was just the bare minimal notes I scribbled) which should get things moving along. The approximate page count for Ch. 6 will be 20-22 pages. It'll be a fun chapter! =D Promise~!

Anyway- for the news. Some of you may have already heard via DA, Patreon, or Tumblr- but this weekend is another 'Suicide Week,' For those who don't know what that means- it means I'll be updating PRS every day for an entire week. This is to celebrate 400+ fans on Smackjeeves! I'll be counting some of the pages as make-ups for the missed Tuesday updates. The missed Friday makeup will be posted outside of suicide week to ensure that we get to Page 06-15 before the month ends.

Here's hoping I can keep up with it this time around. I haven't had as much time to prepare as I'd like, but I'll do my best!

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