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Update Status, Requests, Videos, and Postcards!

Just a quick status update on things.

Thanks to the Patreon, I owe +2 PRS updates per month (yay!). However, I've been doing 3 hour drives every Monday and Tuesday for the last few weeks- and this past weekend on Friday and Sunday (today) was well. As you can imagine- that's a LOT of driving that takes up a LOT of time. As a result, this week's Tuesday update will be delayed. I'll be pushing it back to next Tuesday (The 28th) instead. Other than that, everything should go as planned.

Onto other things- A big thanks to the Patreon supporters! You guys are amazing. That said, it's time to remind everyone about upcoming Patreon related rewards and such!

Monthly Doodle Request Stream: I will be doing this on Saturday evening (June 25th). The stream will start around 7 PM and go on for however long I can manage. I'll try to get at least 3-7 sketches done like I did last month! Only Patrons can request- HOWEVER... I know one of them might be willing to take requests for the requests. I'll post the updated Calendar at the bottom of this post.

The July Postcards have arrived in the mail! I'll be mailing them out to all processed Patrons of the right tier on July 1st! So if you want to see one arrive in your mailbox next month, the deadline for that is June 31st. You can see this month's card below! I'll also be working on next month's Desktop Wallpaper and owed commissions/doodles this weekend after getting the PRS page done. I'm a bit behind because of all the driving- but next month should go more smoothly since I'll no longer be traveling about every week!

Below is an image of July's Postcard! Click the image to go to the Patreon Page!

Lastly, for those who aren't aware, I've begun posting up process videos of some things I've made. I won't be posting all of them to the public as some will be patreon only videos- but here's some of the public ones that are up! Typically, PRS pages and doodles/sketches will go public while more time intensive things will be for patrons only.


06/23: Weekly Art Stream (7 PM)
06/24: Page 06-04
Monthly Sketch Request Stream!
06/28: Page 06-05
06/30: Weekly Art Stream (7 PM)
07/01: Page 06-06

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