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First off, I'm officially launching a Patreon Page!

The page will primarily focus on PRS related content. However, I will also be including in general art, Nightfall concepts, and other things as well.

Before anyone asks- this will not effect my usual PRS routine/content that I put out to the public. I will continue to do everything I have been doing in the past as usual for everyone- not just Patrons. So the occasional streams and movie nights will resume. Pages will still update every Friday (though, no more bonus page incentives on PXR). I'll still post my usual art nonsense as normal. The patreon is in addition to the things I usually do.

Some of the rewards include access to concept sketches/doodles that I don't usually post/upload, early PRS pages, High-Res versions of PRS pages, sketches/doodle request streams, art raffles, and postcards. Bonus goals would permanently add extra PRS updates into the weekly/monthly schedule.

Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/Nekomata


Secondly, I will no longer be using Livestreams as my primary streaming service. Ever since the Indiana Jones movie night I've been meaning to switch out (to those at that stream, thanks so much for your patience.) Livestream has been great at times when it comes to offering recordings and being simple for me to use, but it has also proven fairly unreliable at times and has less than great quality.

So upon some considering, I decided that the break between Chapter Five and Six would be a good time to set up some major changes- including the move to Picarto as my main streaming service. I did a test stream the other day while working on Page 05-32 and despite some slight performance issues in photoshop, I think it'll work out overall.

Picarto: https://picarto.tv/Nekomata


Next, there have been some changes to the main PRS site on Smackjeeves. I've changed out the main banners of the site with the new image of Naya you see above (minus the patreon logo, of course). I originally made the image for the patreon site, but it turned out quite nicely and I've been meaning to revamp some of the SJ graphics anyway- so there we go! I hope to update the rest of the graphics during the hiatus.


Lastly, PRS is officially on hiatus with the conclusion of Chapter Five. I will resume updates with the Chapter Six cover on June 3rd (my birthday). In the meantime I will be scripting the next chapter and attempting to create a buffer. As always, predictions, thoughts, etc. are always encouraged in the forums in the meantime!

Forums: http://www.pokemoncrossroads.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?157-Rising-Shadows

- Neko

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