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A Challenge for the fans!

If you haven't gone to check out the forum, go do so! The topics don't have to be serious- it's meant to be a place where we can all have some fun!

That said, I'm going to propose a challenge to everyone.

The chapter will end on November 14th. After that, the comic will be going on a six week hiatus before Chapter 4 starts in January. However, for every 100 (non-spam) posts made before November 14th, I will reduce the hiatus time by one week.

Fair enough, yes? After the hiatus, I'll offer extra pages when the forums are active- just as incentive to participate in the forum!

posted by Nekomata-chan @ Oct 06 2014 01:01 am  -  1 Comments

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So tempted to spam XD

posted by ScottishWolf, Oct 06 2014 01:37 pm

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