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Updated Links, Q&A, and Fan Art!

Sorry for another news post- I do try to space these out some... but do read the previous one if you haven't already.

Anyway- I've gone ahead and updated several PRS related pages here and there.

Firstly, I added a Fan Art page for all the fan art that I've received so far. It's only right to highlight all the awesome people who took the time to make some for the comic! I've included links to their Smackjeeves and DeviantArt profiles so you can go look at more of their awesome work!

Second, I went ahead and updated the links page- there is now a direct link to the Q&A through the links page, as well as links to my DA page, patreon page, Livestream page, and the Character Bios on DA- the Character page has since been deleted.

Lastly, I revamped the tumblr Q&A page (the link is on the links page now!) to be a bit nicer. I added in more characters whom you can ask questions too as well- and answered all questions that I had left at the time. New questions will be answered with lined/inked images instead of sketches from now on. Every now and then I'll color them. So please feel free to ask questions!

That's it for now!

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