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Patreon (Updated)

Heya, everyone!

So, you may be aware that I've got a patreon page gathering dust somewhere out there, yes? Well- if not- here's a friendly reminder that it DOES exist!


Purpose of patreon: Some fundraising so I can afford heat wraps for my bad shoulder/neck so it's more comfortable to work for extending time periods. I spent 7 hours working on Sunday... and I can still feel the pain. xD Not that comic pages take 7 hours- but I do wish I COULD work that much at once without pain if I wanted to!

I also edited a few of the rewards a bit. Instead of pages one day early- you get them as soon as they're done- meaning... if I finish the page a week early- you'll get it a week early. If I finish it a month early, you get it a month early.

The second change is the addition of Dragon's Tide to the rewards! I finally got around to getting the cover of it made on Sunday- and it's about time I start revising the draft and such.

Since I don't plan on posting any chapters until I've gone over and edited a bunch of things, I decided that I'd post the drafts and original chapters on patreon as I go! No worries though- it'll be public eventually!


Remember: I will never charge for these stories. I love sharing my work with others and getting feedback from everyone! This is just a way for people to help contribute if they so wish!

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