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How to Train Your Dragon 2

EDIT: We'll begin at 7 PM central each day at the following link:


Nearly forgot to put this here...

Anyway- seeing as I'm super super excited for the movie (I already have tickets for the 12th), I'm going to be re-watching the movie and all of the episodes/shorts starting on Friday.

Of course- it's no fun watching all of that alone- so I'll be livestreaming most of it for anyone who wants to come join. We'll watch the movie on Friday (30th), and four episodes a day (barring Mondays due to band rehearsal) every evening (the shorts will be thrown in somewhere after episodes).

The only issue is picking what time to start every day. I want to be consistent so that people know when to come each day (or whatever days they choose to come). I made a quick poll for anyone interested in joining to vote for what time to join.


You're more than welcome to select as many of the options there that you think you'd be able to attend. (So far, 7 PM is winning.)

I will announce the start time (in central time of course) tomorrow evening- hopefully at least 24 hours in advance of the official start of the insanity.

Also, on the 10th I'll do some work on Distorted Realms- the actual gameplay of the story. I'm currently in the Platinum run. While I'm playing I'll be listening to the soundtrack for the new movie.

Yes, I absolutely love HTTYD. I've always had a huge love for animated films- and one with dragons? Even better!

Hope to see many of you in the stream~!

Note: I have all the required DVDs and such required for this. I just got the 2nd season today. xD

posted by Nekomata-chan @ May 29 2014 12:21 am  -  3 Comments

Reader Comments:


How to Train Your Dragon is one of the best animated films ever. I'm more excited about the sequel than just about any movie that's come out in the last two years.

posted by Haunshaul, May 29 2014 05:17 pm


@Haunshaul: I agree! I haven't been this excited for a game, movie, etc. in a loooong time. <3

posted by Nekomata-chan, May 29 2014 08:41 pm


Same here. I'm not gonna be waiting long to go and watch it!!

posted by Timeheart, Jun 02 2014 04:02 pm

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