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Livestream + Birthday

So, I did I page without livestreaming it yesterday... then I realized how much livestreams help me focus on my work. I NEED HELP FOCUSING. GUYS. HALP.

http://www.livestream.com/nekosspritingcorner <<--- OFFLINE

And some unrelated stuff

... So, I've been thinking... I'm gonna be home alone for my birthday this year. While that isn't really any different than the rest of the year, it's kinda made me sad thinking about it. Anyway up for nonsens on June 3rd so I don't have to say I spent my b-day all alone? D'8

I'll do requests and whatnot to entertain people. I just don't want to be lonely on my b-day. Being lonely every other day of the year is enough.

posted by Nekomata-chan @ May 11 2014 10:41 pm  -  4 Comments

Reader Comments:


T.T I don't think I'll be able to come to your birthday party. I have exams that week so unless I have really easy exams the next day then I can't come. Sorry.

posted by , May 12 2014 05:02 pm


When should your next live stream be?

posted by warriorcats1000, May 12 2014 05:47 pm

Darn it!

Thats a school night..... school nights i go to bed at 10

posted by Falsewarrior, May 13 2014 08:35 pm


it is gooood day for the summer no? HAR HAR! YEAAAAAA!

posted by T-H-E GUY, Jun 08 2014 03:53 pm

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