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Hiatus updates,,,,

So yeah- this is definitely a short hiatus. I feel so terrible for timing it right after that week of insanity- regular updates were really meant to resume immediately after.

Anyway, there won't be a page this week. To make matters worse- I'm unsure if I'll have my desktop available during spring break the week after next- so it may be a bit before I can make up the missed updates (I insist on making those up) and resume normal schedules.

On a brighter note- the worst of my workload for the semester should be ending quite soon! By quite soon, I mean tonight. With that out of the way I should be a bit less stressed and such- then I'll be able to resume normal updates and work out a good production process with Snowy- if all goes well there may be an additional update every here and there.

Thinking about it- this hiatus was probably needed anyway. I ran out of script. Again. I need some time to plan out the rest of the chapter and all.

If you all want, I can post some character doodles that I've done during class. It's not a real update- but yeah, if this hiatus continues, I'd feel bad for not putting ANYTHING.

Lastly, a reminder- the Q&A is still open, as are cameo applications. If you're unsure if your character would qualify for cameo in the coming chapters- post it anyway. There's no harm in doing so!

Sorry again for the delays! We'll do our best to get back on track after things settle down.

posted by Nekomata-chan @ Feb 27 2014 04:20 pm  -  2 Comments

Reader Comments:


I actually have a character I can use: His name is Leo, he is a riolu, he has teal eyes instead of orange, the only thing I really want you to keep on him is his everstone necklace. http://littlekirby61524.deviantart.com/art/caring-for-friends-an-AA-Rp-436888957 (this is what he somewhat looks like, feel free to do a different expression, this expression is just for the moment; he actually smiles a lot)

posted by littlekirby61524, Feb 27 2014 04:43 pm


I would like you to post some character doodles that you have done during class. I like doodles.

posted by kirby444, Mar 01 2014 06:35 pm

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