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Okay, a long, long, long, time ago I started writing a Pokemon story called 'Rising Shadows.' I won't lie- it was a disaster. It was the first thing I ever tried to write out and it was well... chaotically planned and highly disorganized. Yes, I say negative things about my writing now- but back then... I refuse to share the original story.

However, lately, nearly five years later, I've begun considering restarting this old story in comic form. Finally, after a slight push from one of the people who survived the original story, I think I've decided to go through with it. While the story was a mess, I do miss the characters- they were fun to write with. I found myself sketching a few of them the other day- and I think- just maybe- I can pull off drawing them. And let's not forget my recent lack of inspiration- I think having another project that is quite a bit different than my others might do me some good. A little variety might prevent me from getting to worn out on one project.

I've begun rewriting the plot, removing all fakemon and Laokia references (to make this more non-Laokian friendly) and have already created a basic plot line. I haven't quite decided what to make of the prologue as I've got two different options to draw out- but I know I'll do the prologue in color. Yes, I know I'll regret this later- but hey, good first impressions help!

The story won't be too similar to the original- I will keep some aspects the same- some of the old characters, a few plot similarities, but the original plot was a bit too unplanned and poorly thought out to be re-used entirely. That, and removing the Laokian aspects and creating a new Pokemon world requires a lot of things to be changed. So yeah, for the few who remember my old story (Larky, Ashley- I'm looking at you two), don't expect too many similarities.

I'll be making the cover page for the prologue later this week. Drawing Pokemon isn't my forte, but with some practice, I think I can get it. I've always been afraid of drawing characters that aren't my own because, well- I feel as if I need to draw them spot on. It's silly, but I'll work past that in time. So, feel free to ask any questions and such if you'd like- not that I'd expect any at this point with so little information being given to everyone. xD

Anyway- for now, enjoy some character sketches I failed the other day! xD (I really need to work on Mist... she's gonna be a pain to draw compared to the other two.)




posted by Nekomata-chan @ May 06 2013 03:15 am  -  1 Comments

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Everything in this post...been there. Been there so bad xD

It took me a while but FINALLY I got myself to draw characters that aren't entirely spot on when I realized I couldn't draw that accurately. I changed them up so I could draw with better, and now it comes a little easier. When I first started drawing pokemon I would literally measure- with a ruler- how big the ear size was compared to the head or whatever because I thought that was the only way it would make sense. Good times... back then my story was ENTIRELY different and like you, I basically refused show it. Too horrifying! It was the most cliché of romance stories...although I still include some of that in my story now. Anyway now i'm rambling...

posted by Tijopi11, May 10 2013 01:43 pm

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