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As you know, a week ago, PRS turned 4 years old. A while back I announced that I'd like to do a big 'THANK YOU' type thing for the 4th Birthday. Due to life and graduation eating my soul, I wasn't able to get the final list ready for those that were chosen to partake in the group portrait. Before posting the list, I'm going to recap what exactly is happening.

To celebrate 4 years, I'll be doing a group portrait containing the OCs/Pokesonas of 25 readers. Each person who is chosen will have their character in the group picture, get a high-res Desktop wallpaper of their individual character, and if they so choose- will have their character printed on a postcard and mailed to them with my cruddy handwriting on the back!

The selection process went a little differently than I intentionally planned. Priority went to all of the Patrons that had donated anytime in the last year- not just current patrons. So that filled up 11 spots right off the bat (you guys are awesome!). Next in the priority, people who frequented livestreams, the discord server, or just happened to chat with me individually a lot got put in. The remaining spots went to SJ and DA frequent commenters. Yes... I counted the number of times each person commented on a page/piece in the last year. It took a few hours. It was pretty heartwarming going through a lot of the old comments though! We had about 100 people commenting in the last year between DA/SJ and about 600 comments total! Considering I've uploaded about, oh... 40 pages in the last year, that's amazing! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

So, here's the list of people chosen... Apologies if I don't know your DA account. I'll be posting the list on SJ/Discord as well.


- RobinHoude
- Andrew
- Chris
- Zirilon
- Exos
- Stormygamer
- Wugfish
- Gigi
- Rym
- SkunkWitch
- James the Typhlosion

Discord/Stream Regulars

- MajorLeeMan
- Neon Umbreon
- LittleDC
- Flame
- Mujaffa
- Nashew
- Koren
- Azura

Frequent Commenters

- Adanel
- LKWayvern
- WriterRaven
- WiispNightmare
- 42Meep
- Wifijoe

That's it! I'd add more if I could, but for reasons, I'm limiting to 25 max. So everyone above may contact me with the following information:

Character they want me to draw: No furries (nothing against furries, just don't want to draw them). Must be SFW. Does not have to be a Pokemon. All drawings will likely be done in a chibi-ish style for the sake of time. 25 is a lot to do!

Mailing Address: OPTIONAL. If you want a postcard mailed to you, then provide this. If not, you will simply get the high-res Desktop wallpaper of your character.

Please send this information to me ASAP so I can get started. The drawings will probably take me several weeks- even months- depending on how busy I get with other things. This is something I hope to completely by the end of the year though. Postcards will not be ordered or sent out until all drawings are ready.


- Neko

Edit: You may send the character references/requests by posting a comment on this journal, through a note on DA, etc. However, please don't post any mailing addresses in a public place! Thanks!

posted by Nekomata-chan @ May 17 2017 05:14 pm  -  4 Comments

Reader Comments:


*squees like there's no tomorrow*

Yayee, I can't believe it!
All righty, I have one question because I'm an absolute derp- what does SFW mean? ^^;;;

posted by WiispNightmare, May 18 2017 06:42 am

I think my heart just skipped a beat

This is AMAZING! I can't believe it!
Well, time to use my non-artist abilities to get an Idea across! XD
One other question Contact = PM, right? Sorry! I'm new to this sort of thing!
@WispMightmare SFW is safe at work

Edit: ok, I haven't had the time to draw up any sort of reference picture, so just draw a typhlosion. Simple enough for a late entry, right?

posted by wifijoe, May 18 2017 08:00 am


huh neat

posted by Neolancer, May 18 2017 09:19 am


Wait is that Flame me or someone else (I'm guessing someone else)

posted by Flamel, May 18 2017 01:36 pm

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