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Livestream: PRS, Requests, and a Movie

So, after a hellish week, I've got a day to relax. So I figured I'd give my old Wacom Bamboo tablet one last livestream before my new tablet arrives. This tablet has served me for 7 years and has worked on almost every single digital piece I've made. I am saddened that it's dying, but that's just how it goes. Moving on to newer and shinier things, yes? Hopefully, this one can hold out longer than I expect- but since I can't risk waiting for it to die before replacing, the new one will be arriving in 1-2 weeks.

So, tonight I'll be streaming THREE things. I'll be a crazy night.

5 PM central: PRS Ch.7 Cover
~6:00-6:30 PM: Request Stream~!
8:30 PM: Move Night

The PRS Chapter Cover shouldn't take me more than an hour or two tops- so it should leave us plenty of time for requests, food, and movie preparation.

Requests will follow the same general rules. Patron priority. I'll add a less priority to non-patrons who are present for the Cover page stream immediately before it. I may take a 10-15 min break before starting requests.

Requests will go until maybe 8:00. I plan on preparing dinner and all before setting up the movie. The movie tonight will be BFG. I was recommended this movie by my color theory professor- not because she liked it (she didn't, but she didn't like HTTYD either so)- but because she said it was visually gorgeous in color and light. Considering this is a field I'm interested in, I figure it's worth a look if not just for pretty graphics!


(I'll post another journal with a link as well as notify regulars and friends via Skype/Discord closer to start time).


On another note, since I've been relatively quiet here on SJ. PRS OFFICIALLY resumes on March 17th. I will be posting the cover for the chapter before that though! I've been hard at work on Chapter seven lately- mostly in the planning stages. As of last night, I've officially begun penciling and hope to do a page a day on pencils. Note: The Cover page is not counted in the below percentages.

Current progress of Chapter Seven:

Outline: 100%
Scripting: 100%
Layouts: 100%
Pencils: 5%
Inks: 0%
Colors: 0%
Lettering: 5%


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