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Hiatus / Patreon Update

First off, I'd like to thank -all- of the people who have been so supportive of my work over the years. Not just patrons. You guys are wonderful and have kept me going through the good and the bad! It means a lot that people have been so kind to me and put up with my horrible art as I've slowly improved.

Second, I want to apologize for all of the delays on PRS. Every year without fail, I go on some sort of break during the fall. The fall hiatus has sort of become tradition at this point. I do hope to end this hiatus before long. I meant to end the hiatus this month but after getting sick and falling behind on class work- in addition to being dragged into Inktober- I just haven't had the time to get working on PRS stuff. Thankfully, my health has improved (yay!) and I'm -nearly- caught up with my late stuff. I'm still pretty busy- being in 3 project-heavy classes does that but it's slowly winding down a bit.

The end of Inktober will certainly allow for more free time- and I'd like to thank you for being patient with me while I do selfish stuff like this for myself. It's not often I have an excuse to do fan-art for other series. Oftentimes, I simply don't do much fan-art because I feel that isn't why people follow me here for. Inktober has been a -great- change in pace on that end and I've been having a blast. I know it's taking time that could be spent on PRS, but bear with me: I need this break. I'd say it'll be over in November... but I'd be lying. I want to shade/color some of those Inktober drawings. But those won't be on a daily basis of course.

Anyway- back to PRS. I have every intention of getting PRS back on track soon. Hopefully by the end of October I'll at least be working on the buffer so that updates can begin in mid to late November. My current plan is to finish up the chapter before resuming updates so I can start with a solid buffer. It might be a while though- that's a lot of pages. If that's taking too long, I at least want a 4 page buffer. We'll see: I'll keep you updated!


Next, I'd like some feedback on Patreon stuff.

I know I've been slow on Patreon rewards lately. I'll be getting up to date on those eventually, but I think I'll be cutting out request doodles entirely for the time being. Would anyone mind? I know there's only two in that tier right now, but I've got enough art to get done. In place of the doodles, I'd like to bring in some different- more time friendly- rewards.

- PDF Files: These are already in the rewards list, really- but I'd just like to reiterate their existence. These are full PRS chapters in PDF format with the addition of various annotations that include some of my thought process, notes on the story, background info, etc. that are, for the most part, spoiler-free. These are in the $15 tier.

- PSD Files: I think it'd be neat to include the occasional PSD file for people to see. These would allow for people to see how PRS pages and other general art pieces are put together. It's nothing fancy- but it's something I can put together easily. These would probably be included in the $15 tier and up. This will probably only be for PRS pages and maybe lowered res versions of other art. I'm not quite sure I want the high-res versions of my PSD files going about. I'm thinking the $15 tier and up.

Finally, I'm thinking of changing how I run my patreon page. I've always kept it so that new patrons can see older posts, buuut... I feel like this could be abused as things go on. People could easily sign on for one month, get all of the goodies (barring the monthly things I send out via private messages / physical mail stuff) then cancel their pledge. While this hasn't been a problem yet, I do not want to take the risk in the long-run as more and more things get posted. It hurts the long-time patrons more than anything by allowing new people to come in and out while they've been so loyal over time.

So I'll probably be removing some Patreon posts at the end of each month- not all of them. Mostly things like PSDs, PDFs, High-Res images, Wallpapers, Videos, etc. Things like Concepts, doodles, High-Res PRS pages, etc. will remain full-time as well as anything that's already public. I've seen other patrons make older things available via bundles at a slightly higher cost than being a patron for those who missed out but still want access to older rewards. What do you guys think? Is it worth doing?

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