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Just a quick status on updates here.

I know I missed last week- and I'm already late on the Tuesday update. I could have had an update ready for Tuesday, actually- but a few weeks ago I had decided on something for the Tuesday updates.

As some of you may be aware, the Tuesday updates are supplied via Patreon goals. Right now, there's enough awesomeness from the Patrons that I owe one Tuesday update each month- typically on the third week. Nothing I can't handle, really. Not when it comes to normal updates, anyway. But this month's Patreon update (I think I'll call the Tuesday ones that from now on) is a bit different than my usual Friday pages.

Starting this month, the Patreon updates will be remakes of older pages. Why? To up the quality of existing pages, edit a few things, and get everything up to a higher-resolution. This way, in the event that I ever choose to print, I can (I don't think I will though). I may make some minor changes to the story or dialogue- but nothing that should require everyone to re-read through the remade pages. The only notable change currently planned is Alvira now being an Alolan Ninetales instead of a shiny. Some remade pages might condense multiple pages into one and change the total page count- I have no plans to do that, but it might happen if I think it'll work better than way.

Again: I have no plans on major changes to the story. Not reading the remade pages should not effect the reading of future pages. However, should I add anything new or change anything of note, I will definitely make sure there is an announcement.

Now, don't get the wrong idea- the page remakes shouldn't take long. Heck, the part that slows me down most is scripting and just thinking of how to draw each scene. Since this is mostly already done (save some minor changes) the new pages should be easy to make and not take too much time from new pages. THAT SAID: The current page I'm working on is taking forever. Haha. I know, I know. I just said the remakes won't take long... but I'm working on the new PRS cover. That's important, yes? I've got a few WIP shots on Patreon already. It should be done tomorrow night if nothing explodes.

As for Friday's update... I've got it sketched out and ready to line/color- but depending on how long it takes to shade the new cover page, I might not get it done tomorrow. I won't be able to art on Thursday/Friday and possibly a few days after that since I'll be getting some tests on my eyes that may or may not make it painful to look at bright screens for a while. Long story short: My last visit to get my eyes checked revealed that the birthmark on my eye has gotten a tiny bit bigger. This of course freaks everyone out and now they want to run a billion tests to make sure it's nothing to worry about. The last tests were in January before my trip overseas. I'm not sure how invasive the next tests will be. If I don't have Friday's update ready tomorrow, I'll make it up with last Friday's over the next two weeks.

Sorry for this insanity!

Oh, and I lied. I do have plans for changes in the remake. Big plans. In the form of an extended prologue. You'll still get the Kabutops vs Entei scene. Just maybe a bit more. =P

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