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Aaaaand we're back! (Please Read!)

I know PRS has been on a semi-hiatus for the last several months, but I think I can finally say that we're back to regular updates!

For the time being, I will only be posting the usual Friday updates- no Tuesday bonus updates yet. However, I hope to be adding those in sometime in mid-late May!

For more information on the update status of PRS and continuing updates on schedules, eve,ts, and previews, please click the below link!


posted by Nekomata-chan @ Mar 28 2016 01:07 pm  -  4 Comments

Reader Comments:


It's taken several months but regular updates are back! I'm tempted to hug you but sadly this is the internet so physical contact is not a thing.
Sometime around mid-April I should be able to start updating PMDRR on a semi-regular schedule again... *sigh*

posted by LKWayvern, Mar 28 2016 01:33 pm



It'll be tough to get regular updates 100% on track, but I've got a small buffer going. =D 2 pages. It counts. I hope to get at least two pages a week done when I can.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the end chapter break. I think that might fall during suicide week. I'll figure it out.

posted by Nekomata-chan, Mar 28 2016 01:35 pm


Woo! =D

posted by Nashew, Mar 28 2016 08:46 pm


Yay updates! I swear I always find comics the moment they start updating again. I don't know if that's good or bad :P

posted by SkunkWitch, Mar 29 2016 12:32 pm

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