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Emergency Commissions

Honestly, I had hoped to resume updating PRS this month after the worst of my classwork was done... however, something very tragic happened this past week.

One of my old friends is in need of serious help. This friend and I weren't particularly close- but he was one of the few people who was kind to me in those years. The two of us were in band- He was a fellow band geek like me- maybe even more so. I haven't spoken with him for years- and I've only seen him once in the last year or two. The point though, is that he was a true gentleman with a good soul.

I just learned that his mother was murdered on Thursday night by her husband.

I don't know the details, but it sounds like he was going through some mental health issues in recent months. She was one of the band moms who helped me when I had a mild medical emergency on one of the trips- a complete sweetheart. With her gone and his dad in jail, my friend and his three siblings have no one. They've been left with a huge bill of car/house payments, debt, and of course- college expenses.

Another friend of his set up a go fund me to help him and his siblings with the debts left behind and their education. I would like to raise whatever I can to help. I hate to open commissions while helping with the SSS charity, but... they need help. They deserve any and all support they can get.

Any and all commission money I receive will go straight to help my friend and his siblings. I know I'm still behind on commissions from the summer slots- I'll get those done before working on new commissions. I will take as many commissions as I can handle between this and SSS. I will begin work on commissions as soon as my homework list is cut down. An updated commissions information sheet will be posted when I can get it done.

Please consider helping me help a friend. It would mean the world! And while I would never charge for the comic updates, for every $25 I get through commissions, I will take a break to draw PRS pages. Otherwise, PRS will be resuming in January before the spring semester starts.

Commission info: http://nekoyugito.deviantart.com/art/Commissions-Open-through-January-7th-505210012

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