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End of Chapter + Birthday!

Heya, everyone!

Hope you all have been enjoying the comic so far! It's been such a pleasure working on it this past year. Honestly, I never expected it to go this far- or have so much support! It certainly gives me motivation reading through comments every week- I feel just terrible for taking a week off... if only finals didn't exist.

Chapter Two is done and finished. Our protagonists have just stumbled upon quite the scene, haven't they? It only took a year, but we're finally getting ready to dive into the plotty stuff and action! I'm so excited! Well... not for drawing fight scenes- but I'll manage.

I am curious as to what predictions and thoughts everyone has on the story so far- so please feel free to post them here and discuss what mishaps will be coming up in the future- or maybe talk about who Echo really is (for the few of you who know, no spoiling). It's really fun to read through theories and such- you guys have come up with quite the ideas so far.

Anyway- onto the real purpose of this news post. As some of you may be aware, Pokemon: Rising Shadows is rapidly approaching it's first birthday! On May 10th, I created this comic pretty much out of nowhere. It's been a long journey so far. Looking back at the earlier pages- I'm glad I've kept through it so far! Not only has this been a joy to do every week- but there's that little side effect of improved art there somewhere.

While there won't be an update on May 2nd as part of my end-chapter break and an excuse to focus on studying for finals- Snowy (Yeah- she's still helping me out here and there!) and I are working on a nice surprise for you all come May 9th. It's an open secret, so some of you may already know what we're planning. I'm sure everyone will like it!

Lastly, in regards to the DA journal I asked everyone to look at and offer opinions on, I've made a decision. I will be setting up a patreon page that will launch on May 9th along with the start of Chapter Three (No, that isn't the surprise).

Please note that the patreon page will not negatively effect the comic in any way. Updates will still go on as usual, I'll still stream most of the comic page work, etc. It's just there for those who are able and willing to help me out a bit so that working on everything won't be quite as painful. Even if you can't help on the patreon- I still love you all for being awesome. Remember that!

With all that said- I wish everyone the best of luck on finals, testing, etc. for this semester! It's almost over- just hang in there a little bit longer!

posted by Nekomata-chan @ Apr 26 2014 11:27 pm  -  1 Comments

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This is one of those times when I wish I had my own credit card to help out. Sadly, I do not, so I shall offer moral support and air from my lungs instead!

posted by , Apr 27 2014 09:07 am

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