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New Affiliates + Update Status

We've got two new affiliates (Sorry Janobii for the really late add- I kept forgetting about it. =< I meant to add it sooner- I promise!)- so go check them out when you've got the chance. It's always fun to discover new comics!

Also, as for updates... I am officially out of buffer. I have also officially finished National Novel Writing Month. I'll be drawing again starting on Sunday or Tuesday- depends on how crazy the week seems to be!

Keep an eye out for livestreams and join.mes! I'll be streaming the next page most likely!

Chapter Two will hopefully begin next week- as will progress on that 100+ fans image I owe you guys.

LASTLY- I'd like to give a special thanks to you frequent commenters for keeping my motivation and spirits high. <3 It always makes me happy to hear what people think- even you typo hunters out there! (You know who you are!)

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