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Heya, everyone!

Now that a few pages of PRS made and posted, I decided it'd be a good idea to have a little news post.

In about a week, I'll be leaving the country for a study abroad program that lasts through the month of June. Unfortunately, taking my tablet with me does not seem like an option- not that I'd have photoshop with me to begin with. I will be unable to make any pages and such in this time.

However, I've been working on a buffer to last through the updates in June- so far I've got three pages left to make. I'm not entirely sure I'll get all of the updates done before I leave, but if I don't- I'll make it up to you guys when I get back and settled again. I can at least promise you three more updates are ready to be posted on the next three Fridays though!


Another thing- is I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep a weekly update schedule AND full color pages once school starts in the fall. Right now, color pages take about three to four hours (five for Page 4, but that page had more detail than the others). Would you guys prefer I keep color updates in the fall- at the risk of not being able to update on a schedule- or weekly updates in greyscale so that the story moves?

Note that I may still be late even with greyscale updates- but it would save me at least an hour per page if I don't color. My greyscale pages don't have particularly nice backgrounds either- but they're much easier to get done. I'll do whatever everyone wants more- color or consistency- I don't mind. Coloring is fun when I've got the time for it.


Also, for those who have read my other active comic, I have a little reward system going on whenever a certain number of comments is achieved here on Smackjeeves. On that comic I've got it set so that there's a color page for every xx comments- but should I keep this comic in color, I'd need a new reward- I do like to give something in return for feedback since it is something I highly appreciate. Any suggestions? I'm not sure a double-update would be entirely possible- perhaps random art or something? I dunno.


Let's see- what else? Oh- right. Livestream or join.me? I often use join.me for drawing since it's easier to have it open, but recently I (finally) hit the maximum number of viewers on the join.me. Would people prefer I move back to livestream so to remove viewer limits? If I do go to livestream, there will be (random) music from my playlists- mostly movie soundtracks, video game music, classical, and band music- not so much anything you'd hear on the radio. Thoughts on that would be nice. I'm fine either way.


Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone for reading so far. ^_^ I know there is only a few pages up so far, but it really does make my day to see the positive feedback I've gotten. Reading comments helps build up motivation to continue working onwards. Hopefully you all will continue to enjoy the story as it begins to further unfold. Again- Thanks!

- Neko

posted by Nekomata-chan @ May 22 2013 12:17 am  -  1 Comments

Reader Comments:


Wait, Join.Me has a viewer limit? What is that?

Honestly I don't have a preference between the two (though Join.Me seems to be nicer on computers for users and the host), but like you said JM doesn't have sound. I really didn't help at all there XD

Reward system, interesting O: I'd say a random art or something.

And for greyscale/color, it's kinda saddening to see a comic go from color to greyscale so I'd say stick to color at risk of missing updates (I usually don't pay attention to update schedules anyway |D I just get happy when I see an update X3)

posted by Pokemontrainergigi, May 22 2013 05:21 pm

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