Jul 05 2019 12:01 am

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Talon is actually charging towards the author to end her suffering.

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Nekomata-chan, Jul 05 2019 12:01 am     Reply


I think this page broke the record for most time spent on a single page with an estimate ~13+ hours of work. 52 Total cameo appearances in this page. This covers most of the accepted cameo submissions! Hopefully I drew everyone properly!

And if you haven't heard, PRS isn't updating on a weekly basis until I push through these very time consuming pages. ^_^' Please bear with me! Crowds/backgrounds take a significant amount of extra time to draw/color and with my current workload I can't reasonably crank out a page a week like I'd like to. This page took pretty much all of my spare time over the last week.


Advertisement, Oct 19 2019 03:07 pm     Reply

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User Comments:

Nashew, Jul 02 2019 04:41 pm     Reply

oh heck

Oureese, Jul 05 2019 12:24 am     Reply

Oh no

comercole, Jul 05 2019 12:41 am     Reply

The instincts of zangoose.

NikuComics, Jul 05 2019 12:43 am     Reply

So I love the "hidden" pokemon in the first panel. A flygon with actual dragon wings and, what appears to be, a shiny Eevee. :D

Flareon1225, Jul 05 2019 02:45 am     Reply

Their gonna fight

AssaultBird2454, Jul 05 2019 04:15 am     Reply

Interesting... The murder of a Snek? Or this a casual standard friendship building exercise?

Pixel Moonlight, Jul 05 2019 06:38 am     Reply

In my opinion that isn't a jail reason since is his instict

Meta-Akira, Jul 05 2019 09:15 am     Reply

Is that the Crystal Onix?

Thunder the shinx, Jul 05 2019 10:00 am     Reply

@Flareon1225: There's also a crystal onix

Umbreon5456, Jul 05 2019 11:25 am     Reply

Oh boy, this is gonna get berserk.

Ngamer01, Jul 05 2019 12:05 pm     Reply

I know there's a thing about Zangooses and Sevipers being mortal enemies, but it's exaggerated how they usually get into fights.

They do have some self-control (and on occasion it's possible for them to form a relationship if love happens to blossom). I think Talon is only hopping into action because there's an angry Ursaring around.

Shotgun Chuck, Jul 05 2019 02:48 pm     Reply

@Pixel Moonlight: Found the guy who also thinks Ninetales did nothing wrong in PMDRT...

Also, appropriate music:


PsychicNature, Jul 05 2019 04:05 pm     Reply


AndreTheLugia, Jul 05 2019 06:58 pm     Reply

And they got into another fight, again..

Kicin, Jul 06 2019 07:51 pm     Reply

@PsychicNature: Yup, that one would be my submission when the creator asked for Pokemon to draw ^_^

orgostevani, Jul 07 2019 02:39 am     Reply

Can I ask if you plan to list out all of the cameos on this page?

The Fried Pickle, Jul 10 2019 06:05 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: I think that I speak for the entire comment section that we now understand why this took so long. THIS LOOKS MOTHER-TRUCKIN' AMAZING!!!! (sorry for the bad grammar if there was any)

buscuit, Aug 01 2019 03:07 am     Reply

May Talon's claws end your suffering so that there will be nothing left... except joy and flowers!

Firelord6127, Aug 02 2019 09:47 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: it seems a Talon successfully ended your suffering (joke since the next page is taking so long)

Waxymix, Sep 01 2019 09:25 am     Reply


Angrybord, Sep 04 2019 04:05 am     Reply

Can you at least tell us how much the hiatus will be?

ShadowStalker1128, Sep 04 2019 11:59 am     Reply

Now for the low low price of $300 you can buy a hiatus for your very own comic! Enjoy an extended break from work and stop worrying about updates now! BUT WAIT- There’s more! Order now and you’ll receive an extra hiatus free of charge! That’s two hiatuses for the price of one! To order now call our toll free number at 1-800-113-NOPE!

Ngamer01, Sep 07 2019 04:03 pm     Reply

Neko has been so busy that only a update was posted to deviantART.

Neko was involved in a project that you can read up about here:
https://www.deviantart.com/petuniabubbles/journal/Welcome-to-the-World-of-Pokemon-Pre- Orders-Open--811252764

EDIT - Smackjeeves ate the link. Just copy and paste the link text into a new tab.

Angrybord, Sep 18 2019 06:41 am     Reply

@ShadowStalker1128: very funny

orgostevani, Oct 16 2019 01:54 pm     Reply

Hi, I'm just visiting quickly to ask how things are going for you at the moment.

Nekomata-chan, Oct 16 2019 10:32 pm     Reply

@orgostevani: I'm alive! Been busy as hell with grad school so haven't had much time to do art of any sort.

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