Jun 07 2019 12:01 am

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Naya's just happy she can't see her reflection.

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jun 07 2019 12:01 am     Reply

Here's another page~!

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:52 am     Reply

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User Comments:

AssaultBird2454, Jun 05 2019 04:50 am     Reply

Yay, story time!

And good Naya!

hade, Jun 07 2019 12:05 am     Reply

look at all those beans

comercole, Jun 07 2019 12:17 am     Reply

that killing most likely was for self defense if he did actually did it.

Neolancer, Jun 07 2019 01:31 am     Reply

Theres someone behind the tree in panel three

Shotgun Chuck, Jun 07 2019 04:23 am     Reply

I don't care what you say, the presence of a Chandelure in this scene is still triggering a primal instinct to look around for and grab the nearest lead projector.

Also, I love how @hade has... a character from something as his avatar, and then three other people have Lucarios, and then there's me with a picture of my old car someone drew.

Ark Bluegate, Jun 07 2019 05:52 am     Reply

Welp *jumps through window to phone* YEEET
Noice drawin`! KIU(keep it up!)

AndreTheLugia, Jun 07 2019 08:50 am     Reply

But explosions? Fights? Fun? >w>

Master of mages, Jun 07 2019 09:09 am     Reply

I love how through all these years talon's expression has never really gone past mildly annoyed. Oh and storytime! Or possible framing of a murder you decide

And Naya still trying to unlock her inner vaporeon. You'll get there someday Naya

Blaze01, Jun 07 2019 09:20 am     Reply

@Neolancer: Yeah, looks like a Yamask to me.

Blaze01, Jun 07 2019 09:21 am     Reply

@Neolancer: Actually, you can see it better in panel one, and it's definitely a Yamask.

hade, Jun 07 2019 02:25 pm     Reply

@Shotgun Chuck: kekeke we have invaded the lucario territory

also the character is my oc lmao

Neolancer, Jun 07 2019 05:42 pm     Reply

@hade: oh yea thanks

Shruikan, Jun 08 2019 03:41 am     Reply

I see that Yamask is still following them. I wonder what he/she's up to?

How much you wanna bet Naya's going to either fall or jump into the water midway through the story? :P

Lunar Eclipse the Umbreon, Jun 12 2019 09:12 am     Reply

Good job
I have enjoyed this novel so far and I can’t wait for more keep making more please

DarkFireEevee, Jun 18 2019 06:27 pm     Reply

Naya is so much like me I must say

DarkFireEevee, Jun 19 2019 05:15 am     Reply

@DarkFireEevee: I am a guy though

buscuit, Jun 29 2019 05:15 pm     Reply

Go play in your room? Fool, ghosts have no boundaries. The world is my playroom!

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