Feb 15 2019 12:01 am

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Giratina probably secretly likes all these horrible jokes. If only because they inflict pain upon others.

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Nekomata-chan, Feb 15 2019 12:01 am     Reply


Finally the chapter is done! Which means it's time for a hiatus. No worries- there will be updates to pass the time. In fact, the next Q&A session will be going up sometime in the next few days for people to start! Additionally PRSaga (The Reggie Ruins) will hopefully begin updating for Patrons while I get Chapter 10 ready to go. PRSaga will be patron-exclusive until the entire chapter is done. After that it will update on a weekly basis on SJ. So no worries.

See y'all soon!

Advertisement, Oct 13 2019 04:33 pm     Reply

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User Comments:

AssaultBird2454, Feb 09 2019 07:21 pm     Reply

Find this Flareon... And bring him to me...

Zirilon, Feb 10 2019 10:09 am     Reply

What's in the booooooooox!

AssaultBird2454, Feb 10 2019 06:16 pm     Reply

@Zirilon: find out next time on Pokemon! Rising! Shadows!

Nashew, Feb 10 2019 06:31 pm     Reply

I'm sure there's nothing sinister in that box.

Umbreon5456, Feb 15 2019 12:10 am     Reply

@AssaultBird2454: Ya... exactly what I was thinking he would ask him to do.

comercole, Feb 15 2019 01:12 am     Reply

wow this chapter is done??

Critic, Feb 15 2019 01:14 am     Reply

I know they're the antagonists but I love both of them.

Lokitheveganswampert666, Feb 15 2019 02:12 am     Reply

Giratina standing by what looks like a dead Ho-oh asking Darkrai (which in here seems like the evil version of Hermes that can also manipulate dreams) to deliver a box of unknown origins (aside from giratina) to all the other gods oh and also not being told what's inside what could go wrong (BTW surprised I haven't seen any comments on what looks like dead Ho-oh that I mentioned already or am I missing something

AndreTheLugia, Feb 15 2019 05:55 am     Reply

Seems like the chapter is about to end in dark screen.

Julian or Yoshidakid, Feb 18 2019 04:02 am     Reply

Is it
Kill ho-oh?

WiispNightmare, Feb 19 2019 01:30 pm     Reply

Two of my favorites in this sort of portrayal is actually very distracting and I almost didn't catch the important plot due to prolonged screeching over art and personality someone help me

wifijoe, Feb 19 2019 10:45 pm     Reply

I wonder what's in the box...
But yay, made it to the end of another chapter! Can't wait to see the next one

comercole, Feb 28 2019 02:07 am     Reply

yoooo new Pokemon games just got announced!!!!!!!!

Shruikan, May 25 2019 02:00 pm     Reply

Noo, you can't stop it there! D: What's the second thing!!!

Anyway, I've gotta say, I love absolutely everything about how you draw Giratina. Hope we get to see more of him/her soon! :)

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