Feb 08 2019 12:01 am

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The secret to a good joke is in the delivery.

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Feb 08 2019 12:01 am     Reply

Puns and bad jokes: The true stuff of nightmares.

You can blame Robin and Rune for contributing to this page and the next.

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:57 am     Reply

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User Comments:

AssaultBird2454, Feb 02 2019 04:18 am     Reply

This must have been fun to write... Amazing work on the page of puns... I believe there will be more

I am excited to see stuff happen

NeonUmbreon, Feb 02 2019 05:31 am     Reply

bad jokes? they are beautiful jokes

Zirilon, Feb 02 2019 10:42 am     Reply

Darkrai is full of dad jokes and puns... truly a creature of darkness...

Nashew, Feb 02 2019 11:23 am     Reply

... I. Love. Him.

Littledc, Feb 05 2019 12:16 am     Reply

I love the casual joking when there’s A DEAD BODY on the ground. Clearly everything is balanced, as it should be.

Julian or Yoshidakid, Feb 08 2019 12:44 am     Reply

Don't listen darkrai
I prefer the cringey yet funny jokes :3

Julian or Yoshidakid, Feb 08 2019 12:45 am     Reply

Last pages
The last two pages have been a dream right?

Critic, Feb 08 2019 12:55 am     Reply

I am now adopting Darkrai. They are now my child and must be protected.

Blaze01, Feb 08 2019 01:49 am     Reply

Okay, I officially love this Darkrai.

comercole, Feb 08 2019 02:20 am     Reply

dakari looks fun.

AndreTheLugia, Feb 08 2019 05:24 am     Reply

Darkrai being sarcastic even though being dark type is the best thing, pretty dark 9/10

Okaun, Feb 08 2019 10:32 am     Reply

just gonna say this now: if Darkrai is female shes pretty cute i'd date her

thelinkmaster001 (Guest), Feb 08 2019 02:02 pm     Reply

I’ve been reading Victory Fire for so long that Darkrai having a passion for bad dad-jokes is strange to me. Hilarious, but strange.

42Meep, Feb 08 2019 05:45 pm     Reply

This is officially my favorite Darkrai ever.

Shadow_Strikr, Feb 08 2019 07:27 pm     Reply

@42Meep: favorite? He’s the most terrifying! Do you see the jokes he’s making?

Guest, Feb 08 2019 10:32 pm     Reply

Very different from the Darkrai in Victory Fire

Julian or Yoshidakid, Feb 09 2019 02:28 am     Reply

Victory fire
Both darkrai are nice in this comic and victory fire :D :3

SentryBeat, Feb 09 2019 04:38 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: darkrai is my type of guy

Julian or Yoshidakid, Feb 09 2019 11:48 am     Reply

@SentryBeat: lol XD X3

Dendris, Feb 09 2019 05:19 pm     Reply

There's Victory Fire's woobie Darkrai, now there's this Dad-Joke Darkrai? Gotta say these are definitely more entertaining than merely making Darkrai edgy.

Julian or Yoshidakid, Feb 10 2019 11:55 am     Reply

I prefer them
@Dendris: Who cares about emo darkrai when you got these darkrai

Dendris, Feb 10 2019 08:11 pm     Reply

@Julian or Yoshidakid: Realised we're missing an opportunity for 'Linkin Parkrai'. I don't know if I should be smug or ashamed for that one.

BudgieGryphon, Feb 11 2019 11:05 am     Reply

these dad jokes though...

Stanger7, Feb 11 2019 09:01 pm     Reply

Okay then.
I had to check to make sure I wasn't reading the other P:RS.

WiispNightmare, Feb 12 2019 12:30 pm     Reply

Okay Giratina is my child but Darkrai is,,,,,,,, the best,,,,,,,,,,,,, I APPRECIATE YOUR JOKES HI

Shruikan, May 25 2019 01:56 pm     Reply

Now I see how Darkrai is the nightmare pokemon. He embodies everyones deepest fear: Dad Jokes. :P

GearTech147, Oct 01 2019 06:31 pm     Reply

@NeonUmbreon: They are beautiful solely because of how terribly bad they are. This is what puns were made for. Also ngl this is legit making me like Darkrai.

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