Jan 25 2019 12:01 am

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Garnet clearly does not know how easy it is to get a fire type to swim.

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User Comments:

AssaultBird2454, Jan 19 2019 01:28 am     Reply

I hope Garnet says yes to Talon... That would be interesting :)

Nashew, Jan 20 2019 11:22 am     Reply

Naya looks so cozy

runesage, Jan 20 2019 11:55 am     Reply

Getting a fire type to enjoy swimming.... Nice one Neko XD

Umbreon5456, Jan 25 2019 12:34 am     Reply

Well, as soon as I first saw the Delphox in the first pannel, I was like that has got to be a delphox because she/he looks REALLY, like SURPRISINGLY awesome to me. That is like, crazy art for me. Now my reaction to the last pannel is: Don't be so Triggered...? I forgot the Pokemon's name. I know the pictu- OH its meowstick. *Pfffft* Just typing that seemed wrong. ^_^;

Anyway, really good job with the page. ESPECAILLY THE DELFOX. OMG he/she is so beautiful...

gamerblackjacket, Jan 25 2019 12:53 am     Reply

@AssaultBird2454: that would be so funny
What her face be like "the fuck you say?"

AssaultBird2454, Jan 25 2019 01:07 am     Reply

venami, Jan 25 2019 03:13 am     Reply

Looks like Naya didn't hear the part about swimming (or she forgot she's a fire type)

comercole, Jan 25 2019 03:52 am     Reply

she is mad as heck!!!!!!

WiispNightmare, Jan 25 2019 06:42 am     Reply


But ooh
Lovely designs all around uwu

Zirilon, Jan 25 2019 07:10 am     Reply

So who covered Naya's mouth to prevent a Naya moment? "I like swimming!"

Dendris, Jan 25 2019 09:53 am     Reply

Legitimate question, do Mist or Garnet have any reason to listen to Elene? Couldn't they just let Talon in anyway, no matter how much she rages?

Wolfier (Guest), Jan 25 2019 09:55 am     Reply

I don't know, maybe Naya was a water type in a past life.

Also I point out how everyone seems to know what Talon did but the audience (maybe I missed it?).

AndreTheLugia, Jan 25 2019 05:31 pm     Reply

Well, that's a coincidence.. Oh right, Psychic.

Julian or Yoshidakid, Jan 26 2019 09:25 am     Reply

Getting a fire type to enjoy swimming...
Oh boy wait til she finds out

Shotgun Chuck, Jan 28 2019 02:11 am     Reply

@Ark the Glaceon: Apparently wanted for murder, claims to have been framed, that's all we know.

Also why do I suddenly not trust the funny-colored(?) delphox with the fancy glowing jeweled stick? This house has too many psychics and ghosts and one of them is a chandelure and one has a fancy glowing wand and I'm telling you, something is not right here. Maybe they should be making plans to move on out before someone decides to add Naya and Talon to their soul collection.

buscuit, Jan 30 2019 01:39 am     Reply

Mist clearly has more adrenaline pumping matters to attend than to a mere festival. Like gold mining on cliffs or disarming rusty spike traps.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 31 2019 07:51 pm     Reply

@AssaultBird2454: Garnet is thankfully a lot more reasonable to argue with than Elene. There's a reason she's in charge. xD

@Nashew: FOR NOW. =)

@runesage: I literally came up blank on something to compare to so I took the silly route.

@Umbreon5456: Yee! Thank you so much! I've had Garnet designed for years now and this is the first time she's made it into full color. <3 I've been excited for her to appear cause I like her design myself!

@gamerblackjacket: Language, please!

@venami: Naya is too cozy to process stuff.

@comercole: Elene has no chill. She's too busy worrying and stressing over everything.

@WiispNightmare: Yee! Thank you!

@Zirilon: Naya is either: "Is that not normal?" or under the impression that everyone at the planning meeting was just that agreeable.

@Dendris: Elene is very protective of Mist and the other 'kids' at the mansion. She's got authority but her word isn't final. Mist can't overrule her alone as she's not officially in charge yet. Garnet however can- but typically it's best not to just flat out ignore the people you're working with. Garnet tries to keep the peace.

@Wolfier: Poor Naya. Maybe she was. And I do believe Elene mentioned the crime Talon was accused of- just not the details- in an earlier page.

@AndreTheLugia: Garnet just has perfect timing.

@Julian or Yoshidakid: Haha

@Ark the Glaceon: If you're an overprotective mom charged with taking care of a group of troublesome young ghosts- would you let someone accused of murder in?

@Shotgun Chuck: Pfft. I mean, it's not like at least one character is named after a traitorous villain. Not that that character is bad. =) Maybe I just really like ghost types and some psychics? Who knows~!

@buscuit: Yes. Clearly. =)

Umbreon5456, Jan 31 2019 08:04 pm     Reply

@Ark the Glaceon: .... *Smirks* That pfp, I really like it and it really makes me laugh. (Don't worry, in a good way.)

Umbreon5456, Jan 31 2019 08:05 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Well, that's good.

Dendris, Feb 09 2019 05:15 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Yeah, that's fair. I just got the impression Elene was acting a bit out of line even though I can see why, but I'm also surprised Garnet didn't just say she'll talk to him outside, away from the drama.

Shruikan, May 25 2019 01:45 pm     Reply

Wait, Garnet's a Delphox?! :D And an awesome one at that!

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