Jan 18 2019 12:01 am

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Naya successfully overcomes her fear of fire and nabs a cookie as a reward. +113 Exp.

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jan 18 2019 12:01 pm     Reply

Phew! Another page done! No buffer yet but I'm at least staying on schedule for now. We finally get to meet Garnet soon!

And then the part I've been most excited for this chapter. =) Hehehe....

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:54 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Nashew, Jan 17 2019 09:35 am     Reply

I will cherish that panel of Naya eating a cookie for the rest of my days.

Spatan98, Jan 18 2019 01:29 am     Reply

Cute cookie cruncher. I shall immortalize the adorbz for all of eternity.

comercole, Jan 18 2019 02:13 am     Reply

she's like it tastes good.

AssaultBird2454, Jan 18 2019 05:21 am     Reply

Lol thats what good friends do right, Throw up their rates when they learn that they own a mansion ;)

Hope that you can stay on top and stuff, No pressure :) keep it up

AndreTheLugia, Jan 18 2019 05:28 am     Reply

Tadaa? Surprise?

WiispNightmare, Jan 18 2019 06:55 am     Reply

I'm so proud of you, floof

Zirilon, Jan 18 2019 07:15 am     Reply

Ah, those glorious seconds where you've grabbed a cookie, but have amnesia and don't remember that oatmeal raisin is disgusting.

Bluemj61, Jan 18 2019 08:12 am     Reply

How many times do I have to do this...
I feel like I'm on some sort of hugging spree this year *hugs Naya*

Jaden (Guest), Jan 18 2019 09:27 am     Reply

To be fair, Chandelure is kinda terrifying. Anyone who's read a pokedex would be just as hesitant to claim one of those delicious snacks.
Also, so happy this comic is running again!!

Critic, Jan 18 2019 11:03 am     Reply

"It never came up" Oh Mist you're the best.

And of course Naya eating the cookie is the cutest thing ever.

racingwolf, Jan 18 2019 11:00 pm     Reply

Aww, I love how adorable Naya is!

comercole, Jan 20 2019 01:32 pm     Reply

@racingwolf:hey there how are you long time no see.

Shotgun Chuck, Jan 20 2019 03:15 pm     Reply

@Zirilon: You take that back right now oatmeal raisin is the best

racingwolf, Jan 20 2019 06:18 pm     Reply

@comercole: Good! Hoping to get back into comic making relatively soon.

comercole, Jan 20 2019 06:33 pm     Reply

@racingwolf: ok.

buscuit, Jan 30 2019 01:35 am     Reply

Cat paw darts in, cat paw darts out. Proof that Naya is no human.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 31 2019 07:39 pm     Reply

@Nashew: Cherish it while you can. =)

@Spatan98: Haha! Good. Enjoy the pure cookie cruncher while you still can.

@comercole: It's a delicious homemade cookie. What's not to love? =D

@AssaultBird2454: RIP Amber.

@AndreTheLugia: "Oops- did I forget to mention I'm almost royalty? My bad! No big deal though!"

@WiispNightmare: She braved the terror of a candle flame for that cookie. We should all be proud.

@Zirilon: It's not raisin. xD Even if it were, I'm sure Ramsley would find a way to make it tasty. He's a great cook!

@Bluemj61: Haha! xD Naya needs the hugs. Hug her while you can.

@Jaden: Yeah- Chandelure is, but thankfully I don't strictly follow dex entries. I take inspiration from them sometimes, but not in this case. xD And ye! I hope to stay on regular updates through the rest of the chapter and then kick off Ch10 within a few weeks with a regular schedule.

@Critic: Mist is great. xD Naya deserves to be happy every so often.

@racingwolf: Naya is more pure than that cookie!

@Shotgun Chuck: Haha

@buscuit: She's too pure to have ever been human.

Shruikan, May 25 2019 10:20 am     Reply

Naya with the cookie is the second most adorable thing this comic has created.
(The twins being the first of course)

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