Jan 04 2019 12:00 am

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Sooner or later they're going to have to learn to duct tape Naya's mouth shut when taking her places.

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Nekomata-chan, Jan 04 2019 12:00 am     Reply

We're back~!

For now.

The next page is probably gonna be late cause it's... well- it's heavy on the art side. Yay interiors. =)

If you want to help support the comic, here's a link to patreon! Plenty of goodies for patrons! https://www.patreon.com/Nekomata

Advertisement, Oct 19 2019 03:07 pm     Reply

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User Comments:

AssaultBird2454, Jan 02 2019 12:31 am     Reply

And she drops it
Why she do this? She shall learn

bsylve, Jan 02 2019 12:32 am     Reply

Great Funny Page
This is one of my first web comics and it will always be my favorite the artist puts so much work into making sure the series is funny and enjoyable with a great story ontop of creating great art

Zirilon, Jan 02 2019 06:46 am     Reply

Ah Naya, such innocence, so naive. It will be such a shame when her memories return and she returns to being a cruel, evil super villain bent on total global conquest.

Nashew, Jan 02 2019 07:39 am     Reply

Oh Naya, this is why we love you.

Umbreon5456, Jan 04 2019 12:35 am     Reply

She sounds a little grumpy like. But she is pretty cool. (Im not sure if its a He...) I have seen your work yesterday and I liked it! I will be watching your other things if I get the chance.

...At least she is a bit reasonable...

AndreTheLugia, Jan 04 2019 05:42 am     Reply


Volt the fox :3, Jan 04 2019 06:26 am     Reply


WiispNightmare, Jan 04 2019 06:40 am     Reply

Naya no cx

Blaze01, Jan 04 2019 10:09 am     Reply

God damn it, Naya... You're lucky you're cute.

TheJGamer, Jan 04 2019 02:12 pm     Reply

Too much information, Naya. =/

Volt the fox :3, Jan 04 2019 03:53 pm     Reply

town running errands?

Yanny (Guest), Jan 04 2019 07:07 pm     Reply

I can't help but laugh because of Naya xD too funny

comercole, Jan 04 2019 10:34 pm     Reply

how many people live in it?
wow is she really rich or something.

Dendris, Jan 05 2019 04:04 am     Reply

"Hey, guys, you want to see my W A N T E D C R I M I N A L ?"
She can't blame everything on amnesia.

Draethon, Jan 05 2019 10:07 pm     Reply

what's a money.
i barely have enough money for stuff so rip.
great to see a new page from you though!

Nekomata-chan, Jan 06 2019 05:37 pm     Reply

@AssaultBird2454: Will she learn, though?

@bsylve: Yee! Thank you so much! <3

@Zirilon: Haha. We'll see about that. >D

@Nashew: It's so hard not to love Naya. =)

@Umbreon5456: Elene is a bit uptight, but that's cause she cares. xD If you want to watch my other stuff there are links to the sides of each page that lead to DA, Patreon, Tumblr, etc. etc.

@WiispNightmare: Naya, yes.

@Blaze01: Too cute and precious to be upset with.

@TheJGamer: Haha- yup.

@Volt the fox :3: Garnet is running errands in town.

@comercole: Counting Mist and Jasper... 8.

@Dendris: Naya assumed that if Mist was okay with Talon that her family knew about him. She's very bad at reading the room sometimes. Naya is also very bad at lying and is very transparent for the most part so that doesn't help. xD

@Draethon: No money needed to support PRS! (On patreon, yes) You can support in other ways such as commenting on pages (Most authors/artists will tell you they LOVE getting feedback!) and sharing the comic with friends!

comercole, Jan 06 2019 05:47 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: i just started reading this comic 1 week ago and i have to say i am very happy to read this comic i think the story is so dramatic that it has got to be one of my favorite art style and wow this comic is 6 years old.

Volt the fox :3, Jan 06 2019 07:01 pm     Reply

Dendris, Jan 07 2019 01:43 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Can't wait for the inevitable uber dumpster fire her mile-wide mouth drops everyone in. lul

buscuit, Jan 30 2019 01:32 am     Reply

I read snacks and my stomache growled.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 31 2019 07:23 pm     Reply

@buscuit: Big mood. =( My stomach needs snacks too

Nekomata-chan, Jan 31 2019 07:23 pm     Reply

@comercole: Yee! This is a late response (I tend to reply to most comments at the end of the month) but thank you SO much for your post! When I read it earlier it really made my day. <3 It's not perfect but it's always my goal to improve on the story and art style as I go!

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