Nov 09 2018 12:00 am

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That moment when you realize you should be charging your client more....

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Nov 04 2018 01:41 am     Reply

Sorry for the delay! I meant to come back a few weeks sooner but this page was just a bit daunting to get done. But I finally got it done! I think it officially holds the record for most hours spent on a single panel- and page as a whole. That single panel took 2-3x longer than most pages.

Advertisement, Nov 15 2019 01:03 pm     Reply

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User Comments:

AssaultBird2454, Nov 04 2018 02:37 am     Reply

Dont worry about the delay... This page looks awesome!

Love the detail on the house tho :)

Nashew, Nov 04 2018 03:11 pm     Reply

Holy frick that final panel alone was worth the wait. It looks fantastic~

timelordforlife, Nov 09 2018 12:04 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: im glad to see this comic is back and dont worry about being late we can wait for more pages

racingwolf, Nov 09 2018 12:11 am     Reply

Wow, that final panel is impressive! And I just love how this is Mist's house, haha. xD

TheJGamer, Nov 09 2018 01:23 am     Reply

Dang, Mist's living the life.

Welcome back, Neko! You've done an impressive job in your return, especially in your last panel! =D

IryrasmoD, Nov 09 2018 06:02 am     Reply

Did you just turn on the symmetry feature for the entire last panel (except the characters)?

AndreTheLugia, Nov 09 2018 06:05 am     Reply

Eh.. probably an illusion since she's a ghost type. You never know he possibilities.

Nekomata-chan, Nov 09 2018 07:24 am     Reply

@IryrasmoD: Photoshop has no such feature.

bonberjean, Nov 09 2018 08:44 am     Reply

nah... it just his vacation shack...

his house is that one *points to what of all intents and purposes, a literal castle*

Umbreon5456, Nov 09 2018 10:03 am     Reply

Well, don't worry. To me, ill wait for your comics even if it takes a whole year. You do amazing work on them! Now I can see why this page is difficult because of the house and the other stuff around it. Anyway, your doing serperior work on it!(Pun intended.XD) ;)

ScienceGamer01 (Guest), Nov 09 2018 10:33 am     Reply

*a ghost lives in a mansion and has her own little fun in it*
Nope, it’s not a haunted house!

shinyeevee2005, Nov 09 2018 06:10 pm     Reply

oh hell yaey yaey ya yeah

Pugger (Guest), Nov 09 2018 11:41 pm     Reply

This comic is back, *heavenly chorus*

Wolfier (Guest), Nov 10 2018 01:37 am     Reply

Looks more like a small hut to me.

Person (Guest), Nov 10 2018 04:25 am     Reply

Welcome back!

Great job on the page, your art style looks like it’s really improved! (Kinda makes me wish I could draw something like that •~•‘ )

somerandomguynumber1, Nov 10 2018 06:23 am     Reply

It's glorious....
Mist's house...It's Mist-ical

orgostevani, Nov 10 2018 10:27 am     Reply

Hey, you're back! Can't wait to see more pages in the future!

Derpygungun123, Nov 10 2018 10:54 am     Reply

I watched you draw this but I missed the first half of the drawing and left before the speech bubbles... I regret leaving...and missing the stream you did earlier

Nekomata-chan, Nov 10 2018 11:35 am     Reply

@Derpygungun123: I record most art I do, actually! While the videos are patron-only for about 8 months they all go public eventually! They're sped up a good amount so I'm not uploading 2-8 hour videos. Most are between 5-15 minutes!

Derpygungun123, Nov 10 2018 12:43 pm     Reply


Shotgun Chuck, Nov 10 2018 02:01 pm     Reply

Well I mean, I think we all sort of knew Mist was loaded, so is this really a surprise?

wifijoe, Nov 10 2018 02:56 pm     Reply

That last panel looks so nice! I can see why it would of been so daunting. I'm glad to see ya back though!

Lavenry, Nov 10 2018 08:18 pm     Reply

How did you code this custom page? I want to make one,, but I don't know how.

buscuit, Nov 28 2018 11:09 pm     Reply

This is your 'house?'

Well no, it's a mansion, but your right, It's not quite homely.

Nekomata-chan, Dec 15 2018 10:28 pm     Reply

@AssaultBird2454: Thank you!


@timelordforlife: Delays are gonna continue for a while but updates will always resume eventually.

@racingwolf: Yee! Thanks! It's her 'house' - such a humble home. xD

@TheJGamer: Haha. THank you!

@AndreTheLugia: =) But it isn't an illusion~!

@bonberjean: Her house is a mansion, yes.

@Umbreon5456: Yee! Thanks!

@somerandomguynumber1: Oh god.

@Shotgun Chuck: It's been hinted at but I don't think I ever flat out said in panel that she's loaded. xD

@Wifiejoe: Yeee!

@Lavenry: I used one of the templates and edited it.

@buscuit: Haha

comercole, Jan 04 2019 10:29 pm     Reply

WHAT her house is wwwwwaaaaayyyyyy to real to be in the Pokemon world.

Shruikan, May 25 2019 10:05 am     Reply

Whoa, that house is impressive! Even more so knowing you had to actually draw it!

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