Sep 08 2018 08:13 pm

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Sep 08 2018 08:13 pm     Reply

Sorry- another late page! Next page is gonna be a big one so that'll probably be late too. Haha... hah. Bear with me. ^_^'

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:56 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Aura9301, Sep 08 2018 08:23 pm     Reply

i must be dreamin cuz i dont believe in ghosts

Nashew, Sep 08 2018 08:32 pm     Reply

I'm gonna be totally honest, I haven't the foggiest idea what happened in the last three panels there.

EDIT: Page was edited, I get it now. xD

TheJGamer, Sep 08 2018 08:35 pm     Reply

Moment of realization for Naya, lol

FlareonXLeafeon, Sep 08 2018 09:26 pm     Reply

forgot some people abra

IryrasmoD, Sep 08 2018 10:07 pm     Reply

Still think her necklace is the key to Giratina's prison.

OR megaevolution stone thing.

OR maybe all flareons in that universe have to wear a decorative necklace for some reason.

AndreTheLugia, Sep 08 2018 11:02 pm     Reply

Well, that was awkward.

KaidaCreator, Sep 08 2018 11:20 pm     Reply

I really like the backgrounds on this page! The sand especially looks really nice. The teleporting effects are also perfect XD Nice work on this page!

Ha (Guest), Sep 09 2018 08:27 pm     Reply

Haha... now they have to walk through the ghost forest xD

buscuit, Sep 16 2018 07:27 pm     Reply

At least all the readers get to witness the perfect teleport. Thats an accomplishment, right?

Shadows of the zoroark, Sep 25 2018 10:22 pm     Reply

So why is it that earlier she could teleport to no ends til they get where there going but now she needs to recharge?

Nekomata-chan, Sep 30 2018 11:53 pm     Reply

@Aura9301: Mist is obviously not real.

@Nashew: K

@TheJGamer: Poor Naya.

@FlareonXLeafeon: That she did.

@AndreTheLugia: And that was probably the most perfect teleport she's ever done. But no one witnessed it. Therefore it never happened.

@KaidaCreator: Thank you!

@Ha: Nah- some time passed. I skipped some walking for the sake of speeding things along.

@buscuit: Maybe. =)

@Shadows of the Zoroak: She can't. It's been established already she's got a limit to the range of her teleports as well as how many she can do in a short period of time.

pootis (Guest), Nov 06 2018 01:34 am     Reply

Is it just me or has the hiatus been removed :3

Wolfier (Guest), Nov 06 2018 02:26 am     Reply

Wait was the hatius removed?
*Begins making excited noises*

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