Sep 01 2018 07:58 pm

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I was threatened into making Naya enjoy a swim at least once this chapter. So here we go!

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Sep 01 2018 07:58 pm     Reply

Thanks for being so patient with this guys! I know I'm late- but it's cause I wanted to make this page look nice and I wasn't really up for drawing most of the week!

Have a happy Naya!

Also, please don't demand for pages. I've gotten more of these type of comments lately and it's annoying at best. From this point on anyone who makes that kind of comment will be banned. Asking on the comic status if I go on an unexpected/unannounced hiatus is fine, but not if I'm one day late. =(

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:53 am     Reply

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User Comments:

orgostevani, Sep 01 2018 08:21 pm     Reply

Eh, its better you put the work into the page than rush them out. Just keep up the good work.

TheJGamer, Sep 01 2018 08:25 pm     Reply

Naya and friends with their happy little adventures. How cute~ =D

Appleblossom, Sep 01 2018 09:03 pm     Reply

Huh, a fire type that likes water that's a first

AndreTheLugia, Sep 01 2018 09:04 pm     Reply

A fire type that loves swimming, cute! Also that Yamask tho.

Guest95 (Guest), Sep 01 2018 09:18 pm     Reply

Kinda weird seeing a Fire type being so happy swimming in water. Doesn't she get sick from doing that?

Dat1AwkwardEeveelution, Sep 01 2018 09:28 pm     Reply

and then they sat at a fire probably made by Naya.

and, lol, talon's face in dat eighth frame, he looks so concerned... I think...

and, don't worry about the late releases just do what you feel comfortable doing ^^

IryrasmoD, Sep 01 2018 09:42 pm     Reply

Well it's obvious that you should keep up a pace of at least one page per few years. Anything more than that is a bonus I appreciate very much.

Nashew, Sep 01 2018 09:50 pm     Reply

@Appleblossom, @AndreTheLugia, @Guest95: Uh, have y'all not been reading the comic...? Naya's enjoyment of water was established on like page 14 or something and has been brought up a couple times since then. xD

Shadow_Strikr, Sep 01 2018 10:31 pm     Reply

Panel 1-3, NAILED IT
Panel 4-5, ooof course, silly fire type!

FlareonXLeafeon, Sep 01 2018 10:48 pm     Reply

I like how the fire type Flareon like water but it is cute none the less

venami, Sep 01 2018 10:49 pm     Reply

Walk it is then. Hope Amber still gets paid.

Aura9301, Sep 01 2018 11:27 pm     Reply

swimmy naya

NikuComics, Sep 02 2018 12:29 am     Reply

Omg, I been reading so much manga lately that I instantly started reading from the right. No wonder it was confusing. x'D

Koren, Sep 02 2018 01:34 am     Reply

Naya, the swimming Flareon. Absolutely adorable~

AndreTheLugia, Sep 02 2018 01:35 am     Reply

@Nashew: I already know about it, just to remind of new readers.

Shotgun Chuck, Sep 02 2018 02:14 pm     Reply

Woop, looks like we've got a spy!

Appleblossom, Sep 02 2018 05:33 pm     Reply

@Nashew: I have

NeonUmbreon, Sep 03 2018 04:11 am     Reply

there is nothing that makes Naya smile like water does... i wonder how Naya would feel if all the water in the world froze over

Draethon, Sep 04 2018 01:09 am     Reply

Refreshing as always
I’ve been getting a little behind on my comic reading lately due to life problems. But I will say it was very refreshing to come on here and to see new content from you. I excited to see more your story. It really does have me interested! And sorry you have people pressuring you to make more. That’s just rude. Comic artists are people who want to share their work. Not machines that make entertainment for us.

SentryBeat, Sep 04 2018 10:17 am     Reply

she look so happy in panel 5

buscuit, Sep 16 2018 07:22 pm     Reply

The forest is very pretty. A shame we won't get to see it more -shot-.

Nekomata-chan, Sep 30 2018 11:47 pm     Reply

@orgostevani: Agreed!

@TheJGamer: Happy! FOR NOW.

@Appleblossom: This is not new. xD Naya has liked water since chapter one.

@AndreTheLugia: Ye! The Yamask. =)

@Guest95: Nope! It weakens her attack power but doesn't do much else.

@Dat1AwkwardEeveelution: Talon is confused. Why would a fire type love swimming? xD

@Nashew: Sssh. That's a secret apparently. =P

@Shadow_Strikr: Roll for teleportion... Nat 1!

@venami: Oh, she'll make sure she gets paid. =)

@NikuComics: Pfft. Naya splashed out of the water and began walking backwards down he hill.

@Koren: Pure Naya.

@Shotgun Chuck: Dun dun DUNNNNN!

@NeonUmbreon: She would be sad and maybe have mild PTSD with all the ice.

@Draethon: Thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

@SentryBeat: Don't get used to it!

@buscuit: Unfortunately not. Something about the author not wanting to do backgrounds more often than necessary.

comercole, Jan 04 2019 10:21 pm     Reply

naya like's the water.

Shruikan, May 25 2019 09:57 am     Reply

Kawaii Yamask! :3

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