Aug 24 2018 12:01 am

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Naya needs a good night's sleep. But she's not getting one anytime soon.

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User Comments:

Nashew, Aug 20 2018 08:44 pm     Reply

Eevee Naya continues to be slightly more adorable than Flareon Naya~

...Even though terrible things are always happening to Eevee Naya when we see her. =(

NeonUmbreon, Aug 21 2018 07:46 pm     Reply

i just wanna know if Echo is giving those memories or if Naya is remembering herself

Zirilon, Aug 22 2018 09:27 pm     Reply

Ya know, if they let their little teleporter get proper sleep there might be a slightly reduced chance of catastrophic teleportation failure. I mean, slightly less, like 98% chance of failure instead of 100...

PhoenixFire, Aug 24 2018 03:36 am     Reply

Dawww such a CUTIE eevee!

AndreTheLugia, Aug 24 2018 06:35 am     Reply

FLASHBACK clichés!

IryrasmoD, Aug 24 2018 06:45 am     Reply

One day she's gonna have a bad dream and wake up after she accidently used flamethrower in her sleep and burnt somemon to a crisp.

TheJGamer, Aug 24 2018 02:23 pm     Reply

Poor Naya, always having those nightmares. =(

Shadow_Strikr, Aug 24 2018 04:51 pm     Reply

@IryrasmoD: If I don’t see this I am going to be VERY upset and will consider this comic a failure because I’m some random guy in the internet who thinks he’s better then everyone else because there all stupid

Lea the umbreon (Guest), Aug 27 2018 03:36 am     Reply

The person talking looks suspiciously like an Umbreon

Silvertheumbreon, Aug 27 2018 06:56 pm     Reply

Flashback flashback flashback flashback

ScienceGamer01 (Guest), Aug 27 2018 11:07 pm     Reply

Dreams, you gotta hate them sometimes.

Nice page, though.

SentryBeat, Aug 28 2018 02:43 pm     Reply

@NeonUmbreon: yea that is a bit troubling

Dat1AwkwardEeveelution, Aug 28 2018 09:35 pm     Reply

Well, Echo did say that he hardly knew Naya before he met her, sooo...

but, I really don't know.

Siks, Aug 31 2018 03:49 pm     Reply

Anyone else spot those umbreon rings in the doorway?

LunalaLady (Guest), Aug 31 2018 11:59 pm     Reply


Nekomata-chan, Sep 01 2018 12:35 pm     Reply

@LunalaLady: How about you be patient like everyone else. I'm only 1 day late.

Nekomata-chan, Sep 01 2018 09:08 pm     Reply

@Nashew: Is that even possible? Is that even Naya? =)

@NeonUmbreon: Who knows. Could just be a normal nightmare.

@Zirilon: The 2% difference unfortunately doesn't help any when the desire sensor is active.

@PhoenixFire: She is pure!

@TheJGamer: So many nightmares. =(

@LightEclipse: Maybe. =)

@Lea the Umbreon: Does it? It wouldn't be the first time there's been those rings somewhere. =)

@Silvertheumbreon: Or maybe just a dream?

@ScienceGamer101: Thank you!

@Dat1AwkwardEeveelution: Who knows. =)

@Siks: MAybe. It wouldn't be the first time they've appeared though. =)

buscuit, Sep 16 2018 07:21 pm     Reply

Why did I literally read NAYAN in the 3rd panel before I second-guessed myself. That's not your writing xD.

Lunala Lady, Nov 04 2018 03:40 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Sorry I was crazy and bored that day XD

Umbreon5456, Nov 08 2018 04:55 pm     Reply


Salt (Guest), Dec 26 2018 03:45 am     Reply

@Lea the umbreon: That's cause it IS an Umbreon.

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