Aug 17 2018 12:01 am

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The stream for this page lagged and suffered. It was scared of Naya's rage. And just like it her rage it didn't last long.

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Aug 12 2018 12:55 am     Reply

Whoo! Another page! Next page/s might be a bit late since I'm out of town and have not had the chance to start them.

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:56 am     Reply

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User Comments:

PhoenixFire, Aug 12 2018 01:43 am     Reply

I love amber so much >.<
such a high price!

Nashew, Aug 12 2018 09:22 am     Reply

RIP Naya. xD

AssaultBird2454, Aug 14 2018 04:16 pm     Reply

Ooh Nooo
Well, thats a tight spot she has gotten herself into... I’m intreaged with the situation... Maybe Mist is kidding, maybe she is serious...

racingwolf, Aug 17 2018 12:05 am     Reply

I can't help thinking that last picture of Naya is so cute. XD It's the eyes I think.

But if Mist isn't kidding, I'm worried for her.

TheJGamer, Aug 17 2018 12:41 am     Reply

Wuh oh...

venami, Aug 17 2018 01:26 am     Reply

Mist always knows the best way to do things

IryrasmoD, Aug 17 2018 02:05 am     Reply

I've just read every page on this list and I just now get to this one.

Pretty good. Well, I bet the original Naya was a bit more violent.

Captain Oblivious, Aug 17 2018 06:09 am     Reply

RIP Naya. >=

That price is never gonna be paid.

AndreTheLugia, Aug 17 2018 06:23 am     Reply

Well, that was escalated quickly.

Kuindi89, Aug 17 2018 09:32 am     Reply


Noahepix, Aug 17 2018 10:00 am     Reply

Is was at this moment Naya knew...
She ***ked up.

Koren, Aug 17 2018 04:17 pm     Reply

See, Naya, this is why you don't act aggressive around wanted criminals.

Dat1AwkwardEeveelution, Aug 17 2018 06:18 pm     Reply

I honestly cannot tell if Mist is lying or not...

Turtwigsfire13, Aug 17 2018 09:31 pm     Reply

Keep quiet or you'll get the Nebby treatment™

IryrasmoD, Aug 17 2018 11:31 pm     Reply

The amount of plot for how much time has passed in the real world is surprisingly low compared to a lot of other webcomics.

Still enjoyable to read though.

*I bet she's got direct links to arceus and she was was looking for a mcguffin like object on that island when she was knocked unconscious and got amnesia.*

Pichu90, Aug 18 2018 12:37 pm     Reply

Don't scare her like that

ScienceGamer01 (Guest), Aug 18 2018 02:52 pm     Reply

Rip Naya. Mist is not going to keep any witnesses.

Also, nice page.

NeonUmbreon, Aug 18 2018 03:38 pm     Reply

Naya then proceeds to get beaten up by Mist and the credits roll.

SentryBeat, Aug 18 2018 04:25 pm     Reply

@NeonUmbreon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3cAGSw7FaY
this but shes being hit with a brick

SentryBeat, Aug 18 2018 04:27 pm     Reply

omoia shinderu
@Kuindi89: wait....DAMIT!

IryrasmoD, Aug 18 2018 05:36 pm     Reply

@SentryBeat: You butter be careful, the 12 year olds that run christian minecraft servers are slowly working their way into pokemon webcomics.

Silvertheumbreon, Aug 18 2018 06:04 pm     Reply

Way to break the ice Naya......now ur gonna die

wifijoe, Aug 18 2018 09:44 pm     Reply

Poor Naya, not knowing to never bring up a criminal's past~

Also, back! It's been a while since I've I've looked at Smackjeeves

Siks, Aug 19 2018 12:19 pm     Reply


Nekomata-chan, Aug 19 2018 03:07 pm     Reply

@PhoenixFire: Amber is precious. Greedy, but precious. =)

@Nashew: She had a good life. Actually we don't know that.

@AssaultBird2454: RIP Naya. xD Sometimes she needs to just keep quiet.

@racingwolf: Pfft. Naya is precious even when terrified. xD Thankfully you won't have to wait long to see if it's a joke or not.

@TheJGamer: Uh oh indeed.

@venami: Agreed!

@IryrsamoD: Thank you!

@Captain Oblivious: Not with how much Talon makes. =P

@AndreTheLugia: It sure did. xD

@Noahepix: Yup. xD

@Koren: It's a bad way to get yourself into danger. xD

@Dat1AwkwardEeveelution: =) Only one way to find out.

@Turtwigsfire13: GET BACK IN THE BAG.

@IryrasmoD: PRS has been a learning experience over the years. It's something I do purely in my free time between college courses and other obligations. As a graduate student free time is scarce and such the comic has gone on several lengthy breaks. I've done my best trim the remainder of the story so it doesn't drag out as long as well as packing more per page than I used to in order to get things moving.

@Pichu90: Who said they're just scaring her?

@ScienceGamer01: Pfft. Thank you!

@NeonUmbreon: The end.

@Silvertheumbreon: Pfft. RIP Naya.

@wifijoe: To be fair, PRS has been on hiatus so you didn't miss anything.

@Siks: Yup! =D The plan is to stay back through the rest of the chapter. =)

buscuit, Sep 16 2018 07:18 pm     Reply

I am more reassured that Mist continues to carry that brick in the bag. Perhaps heavier (and more shiny) rocks as well.

comercole, Jan 04 2019 10:18 pm     Reply


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