May 18 2018 02:47 pm

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, May 18 2018 02:47 pm     Reply

I'm only a little late! I can't promise weekly updates right now- especially with any background heavy pages- but I'll at least try. xD

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:55 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Koren, May 18 2018 02:53 pm     Reply

lol, is Naya sleepwalking? That would explain how she can see Echo, someone who only shows up in her dreams.

Nestman, May 18 2018 03:01 pm     Reply

Poor Mist
She say is she is fine...but her face say T^T

great job on this page, Neko

WriterRaven, May 18 2018 03:05 pm     Reply

Awww poor Mist!

Littledc, May 18 2018 03:07 pm     Reply

How I feel when I wake up every morning, except school is the nightmare, and it didn't end when I woke up XD

venami, May 18 2018 07:34 pm     Reply

Echo looks so worried in the last panel. Seems like he can be nice after all

AndreTheLugia, May 18 2018 07:52 pm     Reply

House destroyed, old family photo is kinda destroyed, and Naya's having nightmare, oh great. Coincidentally, this could lead into something.. hmm...

Nashew, May 18 2018 08:25 pm     Reply

I feel the same way when I wake up too early, Naya

Captain Oblivious, May 18 2018 10:15 pm     Reply

Wakey Wakey!

NeonUmbreon, May 18 2018 10:49 pm     Reply

nooooo, its all gone, how dare they

Guest Who (Guest), May 19 2018 08:26 am     Reply

People, this not new new. Echo may have only appeared in Naya's dreams, but Echo had always took the place of Naya's reflection.

Legosamurai732 (Guest), May 19 2018 01:26 pm     Reply

@Nestman: actually Naya can see him in her reflection but only she can see him.

Nestman, May 19 2018 01:40 pm     Reply

I was referring to Mist when she said she was fine

Guest, May 19 2018 10:05 pm     Reply

Naya can see echo if she is asleep or awake. As long as there is a reflection.

Guest, May 21 2018 07:47 pm     Reply

So, about the Zoroark and the chapter six spoilers... Where did that go?

Legosamurai732 (Guest), May 22 2018 07:03 am     Reply

@Guest: I was talking about naya seeing echo.

Excalibeon (Guest), May 23 2018 09:54 pm     Reply

Hey I'm new, started reading your comic a few days ago and I just got to say I'm a big fan!!!

By the way, the way you torment your comic's characters reminds me of pinkeevee, the author of short stupid eevee comic's

(Cause she pretty much does the same •w•)

ksfox, May 23 2018 10:18 pm     Reply

Hope to see the growlithes again.

buscuit, May 28 2018 01:17 am     Reply

Yes Mist, be okay with the crimnals/theives in your house.
I guess at least they aren't arsonists.

SentryBeat, Jun 01 2018 02:16 am     Reply

@Koren: unless she can see him in her reflection naturaly

Draethon, Jun 15 2018 04:26 am     Reply

Are you ok?
this comic hasn't been updated in 4 weeks. i was wondering if you're busy or just is a really hard to drw chapter. well wishes

Sylvia (Guest), Jun 17 2018 02:20 pm     Reply

Great, now I have to wait for my fourth book to add more pages XD

Nekomata-chan, Jun 17 2018 02:36 pm     Reply

@Koren: This is not the first time Echo has appeared when she was awake.

@Nestman: Mist probably needs a hug. And some shiny.

@WriterRaven: Poor Mist indeed.

@Littledc: Lots of nightmares.

@venami: Echo? Nice?!

@AndreTheLugia: Everything going wrong at the start of the chapter?! I usually save that for the end!

@Nashew: Don't we all?

@Captain Oblivious: NEVER!

@NeonUmbreon: HOW DARE INDEED.

@Guest: Correct except that Echo did appear in a reflection when she was awake prior to this page.

@Legosamurai732: We don't actually know that. =) No one's ever seen Echo in the reflection but that doesn't mean no one can!

@Guest: Yup

@Guest: I remove non-comic pages at the end of the month to prevent clutter.

@Excalibeon: I'm glad you enjoy it!

@ksfox: Thank you! I'm glad you like the comic so far! There's no -immediate- plans to return the twins yet. But worry not, if I ever have the opportunity... >D

@buscuit: Pfft.

@SentryBeat: She can

@Draethon: Oh man, yeah- sorry about that. I'm taking a special summer course that's eating my soul and free time. PRS is on hiatus for the time being.

Umbreon5456, Jun 21 2018 09:02 am     Reply

What happend?
Do you know when the next comic part appears? (I think its been about a month or more.) Just asking, did I miss something? Oh, nevermind. I just saw the comics. (Before writing this part) Sorry to hear that. To be truthful, Im in summer school and it sucks to. ACK XP

Siks, Jun 23 2018 04:12 pm     Reply

*Reads "Haitus"*
*Heart breaks like glass*
*Fragments shoot through chest and stick into wall*

Or (Guest), Jun 24 2018 12:31 pm     Reply

I know it's not easy to draw but it's beeen more than a month! Is everything okay? Are you sick or something? ;c

Draethon, Jun 24 2018 09:20 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Well cool! Thankfully I actually have other stuff to do. Enjoy your special course!

Broken By Design (Guest), Jun 30 2018 03:58 pm     Reply

What even IS Echo?
I have my theories (benevolent demon, split personality/hallucination, etc) but every bit of evidence has just made me more curious. I don't know what she/he/they/it is, but I'm sure Echo is going to be something important in the plot and I am so so so very excited :3c

Golan (Guest), Jul 02 2018 03:14 am     Reply

Very Enlighting
Very enlightening comic, i don’t know if it is applicable with ours https://goo.gl/xHqq7n/ site but it does makes perfect sense.

(Guest) (Guest), Jul 03 2018 05:25 pm     Reply

It's been 2 months!!! Are you ok?

LunalaLady (Guest), Jul 04 2018 07:40 am     Reply

Im guessing...
1.Naya could be the echo in her kind of own form maybe through rage or somethin.
2.Nyra x Bern
3.Bern will evolve and use his moms relic.
4.There will be a time when they meet ho-oh.
5.This comic series will go on forever. (PLS GO ON FOREVER)

Im done. I luv this comics so much cuz i luv pokemon and almost know every mons name.
Keep up the good work!

LunalaLady (Guest), Jul 04 2018 07:45 am     Reply

Oops i forgot...
By No.1 guessing i mean that Naya could turn into echo and everyone will see and echo looks evil so probably naya will turm evil too and burn everything and everymon around her. Dont include thisnin patreon raffle. Id rather let someone else get the perks.

Umbreon5456, Jul 14 2018 12:13 pm     Reply

Ok, are you alright? Its been quite a while since you posted anything. I know you said you had stuff to do but dang kid!

Kaychichi, Jul 16 2018 09:52 am     Reply

@Koren: Ive noticed Echo also shows up as Naya's reflection

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