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User Comments:

WriterRaven, May 11 2018 12:06 am     Reply

It begins

NikuComics, May 11 2018 01:20 am     Reply


somerandomguynumber1, May 11 2018 02:35 am     Reply

Can't wait!

Siks, May 11 2018 05:59 am     Reply

DOUBLE crash bandicoot. I still can't count that high

Shaede The Black Eevee, May 11 2018 06:41 am     Reply


wifijoe, May 11 2018 07:09 am     Reply

Can't wait!

Legosamurai732 (Guest), May 11 2018 07:13 am     Reply

Finally I've been dying to see what happens next.

Mystic Hunter, May 11 2018 09:49 am     Reply

Mist has a new look now. I honestly like it.

Nashew, May 11 2018 10:05 am     Reply


...... (Guest), May 11 2018 02:05 pm     Reply

Why did you delet the ask pages ?

Shotgun Chuck, May 11 2018 03:30 pm     Reply

And it begins with Mist finding a shiny thing. How... interesting.

BCrusher, May 11 2018 11:32 pm     Reply

Such excite
Is this meme dead? I dunno anymore.

NeonUmbreon, May 12 2018 06:56 am     Reply


Silvertheumbreon, May 12 2018 04:31 pm     Reply

Woo chapt nine

Zirilon, May 15 2018 07:45 am     Reply

Yay! Time for the next chapter! We all get to see what horrible traumatizing things you have planed for your characters!

Nekomata-chan, May 15 2018 02:05 pm     Reply

@WriterRaven: So it does!

@Siks: Pfft!

@wifijoe: Can you? =)

@Legosamurai732: Trust me, I can't wait to get things moving. xD

@Mystic Hunter: Is that really Mist though?!

@Nashew: Woo-oo!

@Guest: Any filler pages get removed after comments are tallied for raffles. This is to prevent clutter for readers so they can read uninterrupted. All the asks are up permanently on the ask tumblr.

@Shotgun Chuck: It's just a cover. xD

@VCrusher: I don't either. xD

@NeonUmbreon: xD

@Zirilon: =) Who says I plan on traumatizing anyone -this- chapter?

fan (Guest), May 16 2018 05:10 pm     Reply

nice prs can't wait
and whats happen to raven wolf?
gud luck for all cools comics

buscuit, May 28 2018 01:15 am     Reply

Now it's Mists time to shine. Maybe she'll become self-aware since she'll noticce all the shiny.

Nekomata-chan, Jun 17 2018 02:31 pm     Reply

@buscuit: I fear the thought of Mist becoming self aware.

ScienceGamer01 (Guest), Jun 17 2018 02:55 pm     Reply

Wait....I just noticed on this cover that Mist has a hair-like appearance on her head....
Or her relative...
But aside from that last part I said, it’s really good.

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