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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Feb 19 2018 12:15 am     Reply

So, who saw this one coming? If you look back there were tons of hints to this in chapter six. That one secret on page 17 of chapter 6 directly confirms this. I'll post a bonus update showing all the hints cause why the heck not!

PRS is on indefinite hiatus while I plan the next chapter out. In the meantime I'll be posting some goodies like PDF, scripts, layouts, etc. on Patreon and re-opening the Q&A. This hiatus may be longer than the last few since this marks the end of the first story arc of PRS. I need a little time to plan out the next story arc in addition to the next chapter so yeah. Please bear with me. xD For updates on the hiatus and whatnot you can drop by the discord and ask.


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User Comments:

Nashew, Feb 20 2018 08:02 am     Reply


NeonUmbreon, Feb 22 2018 07:16 am     Reply

yay another finished chapter

AndreTheLugia, Feb 23 2018 02:10 am     Reply

Doing something for the longest time for absolutely nothing is sometimes funny or just a trick after all..

WriterRaven, Feb 23 2018 03:02 am     Reply

WOO the secret's out!

Shotgun Chuck, Feb 23 2018 03:35 am     Reply

Sometimes answers lead to more questions, as in this case. Such as, just who in the heck is that guy who got sent to "keep an eye on things?" I've got an idea but..

wifijoe, Feb 23 2018 07:17 am     Reply

Hmmm... wonder how this is going to play into the rest of the story. Also wonder if this has anything to do with Talon..

First151, Feb 23 2018 10:07 am     Reply

this single page explains a lot such as:
-who killed bern's mother
-who is the bad guy/girl

But more questions pop up like WHY THO
keep up the great work and see you at the end of the hiatus!

Shadow_Strikr, Feb 23 2018 11:35 am     Reply

Ok now we just need a ditto and a new and ALL OF THE DISGUISES

Silvertheumbreon, Feb 23 2018 05:16 pm     Reply

Wait...he was a zorark the whole time!?!

TheJGamer, Feb 23 2018 07:52 pm     Reply


buscuit, Feb 28 2018 12:04 am     Reply

Zoroark should have been converted to the good side during that time. It's what all antagonists do these days!

Nekomata-chan, Feb 28 2018 12:37 pm     Reply

@Nashew: AT LAST.

@NeonUmbreon: Yup! And another break for me. Bwahahahaha!

@AndreTheLugia: Is it?

@WriterRaven: Yup! Long wait, but worth it!

@Shotgun Chuck: =) Only one way to find out.

@wifijoe: Maybe? Maybe not!

@First151: There's a lot of answers. And some new questions. =P

@Shadow_Strikr: Haha. Nah. I don't think I could get away with this twice.

@Silvertheumbreon: Yes, she was.

@TheJGamer: DUN.

@buscuit: But who wants to be a GOOD guy when you can be the villain?!

scottygroundhog (Guest), Jul 20 2018 12:02 am     Reply

aw crap going to be much harder to find her now

Shruikan, May 25 2019 09:46 am     Reply

Oh hey! I actually thought of this possibility when they mentioned Zila joining recently. Didn't expect it to actually be true though! :O

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