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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Feb 18 2018 08:29 pm     Reply

Look. New character. =)

Remember that secret from page 06-17? Well, the thing it hints at is revealed next page.

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:55 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Nashew, Feb 18 2018 09:13 pm     Reply

Hey a new character! This one evolves from Sableye right? =)

WriterRaven, Feb 20 2018 12:41 am     Reply

I can't wait! The secret I've known for so long is about to be revealed!

NikuComics, Feb 20 2018 12:47 am     Reply


AndreTheLugia, Feb 20 2018 12:55 am     Reply

@Nashew: Nope, Sableye don't have evolution except mega..

TheJGamer, Feb 20 2018 01:59 am     Reply

Ooh, nice! I like its design and earrings!

Nashew, Feb 20 2018 08:01 am     Reply

@AndreTheLugia: I knew I should've clarified that that was a joke. >->

First151, Feb 20 2018 08:32 am     Reply

@Nashew: Is it really a "new" charater if this page is set in the past? Great page tho

Guest, Feb 20 2018 02:23 pm     Reply

@WriterRaven: no it really doesn't... that's a weavile it evolves from sneasle . How did you get sableye?

WriterRaven, Feb 20 2018 02:37 pm     Reply

@Guest: Why did you tag me? I wasn't the one that made that comment. Plus it was obviously a joke.

Nekomata-chan, Feb 20 2018 02:40 pm     Reply

To explain the Weavile/Sableye joke, the person I bounce ideas with (who hasn't played enough Pokemon games) thought that Sableye evolved into Weavile and asked if Maura was related to Jasper.

NeonUmbreon, Feb 20 2018 05:08 pm     Reply

sneaky sneaky run away

Nekomata-chan, Feb 20 2018 05:15 pm     Reply

@Nashew: CLEARLY.

@WriterRaven: SOON. Just a few more days. >D

@NikuComics: Yee!

@AndreTheLugia: Is a joke. Blame Robin.

@TheJGamer: Thank you! I had fun with her design. xD

@First151: Is it? Who knows!

@NeonUmbreon: I'd run too if I knew the twins would exist in the future.

NeonUmbreon, Feb 20 2018 05:22 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: yea, that's fair. the twins are like an Apocalypse. who wouldn't run from them?

wifijoe, Feb 20 2018 09:04 pm     Reply

Always get here too late, so I don't have anything to add on to :'D

So many fires

Guest, Feb 21 2018 06:44 pm     Reply

@WriterRaven: one: srry wrong tag Two: it's kinda hard to tell people's tone of voice through typed messages, especially sarcasm.

buscuit, Feb 28 2018 12:03 am     Reply

Theres an error on the sneasel.
You forgot to put a nosering.

Nekomata-chan, Feb 28 2018 12:35 pm     Reply

@wifijoe: Then just make random stuff. I'm sure that's what some people here do.

@buscuit: Pfft. No, the weavile doesn't need one of those.

JollySyko (Guest), Jun 22 2018 06:14 am     Reply

The Weavile's important.
I can smell it.

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