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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Feb 18 2018 12:32 am     Reply

Next page will be up Tuesday. xD

Advertisement, Oct 13 2019 04:32 pm     Reply

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User Comments:

Zirilon, Feb 18 2018 08:03 am     Reply

...New plan. Party at Talon's place!

Nashew, Feb 18 2018 12:33 pm     Reply

Oh dear, that's not good.

Flamel, Feb 19 2018 12:09 am     Reply

Why do I feel like she can read minds/thoughts?

TheJGamer, Feb 19 2018 12:32 am     Reply

Why walk and kill your feet when you can TELEPORT?

AndreTheLugia, Feb 19 2018 12:52 am     Reply

This is fine.

timelordforlife, Feb 19 2018 02:44 am     Reply

that is good
@Nekomata-chan: i like when you make new pages fast and i love your comics

Raven Archer, Feb 19 2018 03:44 am     Reply


Koren, Feb 19 2018 03:49 am     Reply

Have the Twins been through here?

NikuComics, Feb 19 2018 05:38 am     Reply

Welp. ._.

KirbyandPokemonFan, Feb 19 2018 06:34 am     Reply

@NikuComics: Just back away slowly and we can forget this ever happened

9rainbowtails, Feb 19 2018 06:56 am     Reply

Nooooo fire! PUT IT OUT PUT IT OUT!!

Tepig16, Feb 19 2018 09:59 am     Reply

I like how the Squrtile and Wartortle are doing everything they can, and the Marill is just standing there.

Shadow_Strikr, Feb 19 2018 10:31 am     Reply

@Koren: maybe they snuck through with amber…

First151, Feb 19 2018 12:42 pm     Reply

yea it defiantly seems a little fishy. Also, where does echo fit in all this? is this some sort of undertale frisk/chara thing?

Shadow_Strikr, Feb 19 2018 05:04 pm     Reply

@Zirilon: don’t forget to invite the twins!

wifijoe, Feb 19 2018 06:48 pm     Reply

Oh.. Um.. That's not good
hope nothing important burned

First151, Feb 19 2018 06:55 pm     Reply

@TheJGamer: and kill your entire body based on how uncontrollable Amber is?

Shotgun Chuck, Feb 19 2018 08:59 pm     Reply

This is one of those moments when all you can really think of to say is "are you freakin' kidding me?"

NeonUmbreon, Feb 20 2018 05:07 pm     Reply

@Zirilon: lets just hope that Talon's house doesnt burn down too

Nekomata-chan, Feb 20 2018 05:13 pm     Reply


@Nashew: No, it's just wonderful.

@Flamel: Who? Mist or Amber? Cause Mist isn't a psychic and Amber is a very very VERY bad psychic.

@TheJGamer: Would you trust Amber to teleport you safely?

@AndreTheLugia: Perfectly fine.

@timelordforlife: Do not get used to rapid releases. Each page takes anywhere from 4-7 hours and as a grad student that's often most of my free time in a week. I'm only updating so much this week because I missed two updates and wanted to make them up. Updates are typically once a week.

@Raven Archer: Oh no? You mean YES.

@Koren: Nope.

@NikuComics: Welp indeed.

@KirbyandPokemonFan: You'll never forget.

@9rainbowtails: TOO SLOW.

@Tepig16: Marill is yelling orders. Or being lazy.

@Shadow_Strikr: Unlikely. xD

@First151: I have not played nor intend to play Undertale.

@wifijoe: Well, Mist did pack some of her belongings before the trip.

@Shotgun Chuck: Yup.

KirbyandPokemonFan, Feb 20 2018 05:35 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan:I will indeed spooky uwu

timelordforlife, Feb 20 2018 06:07 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: im ok with waiting for more pages to come out i know it takes time to make
more pages

Flamel, Feb 22 2018 10:13 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Mist

buscuit, Feb 28 2018 12:02 am     Reply

"I *love* campfires!"

Nekomata-chan, Feb 28 2018 12:34 pm     Reply

@buscuit: xD I'm sure some would disagree in this case.

comercole, Jan 04 2019 10:09 pm     Reply

what happened?

Shruikan, May 25 2019 09:39 am     Reply

Well, everyone else has had their share of tragedy, now it's Mist's turn.

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