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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Dec 24 2017 03:20 am     Reply

For that second to last panel:
A) Amber can teleport across dimensions.
B) PMDXR takes place in the PRS universe.

Your pick.


Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:52 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Nashew, Dec 30 2017 11:45 am     Reply

Safe Travels? With Amber? Nah

Zirilon, Jan 02 2018 09:23 pm     Reply

In D&D there is an item that can teleport you around, but has a fairly high chance to send you to random unknown locations. I think we are seeing the work of that items creator now.

Ryan Prower, Jan 05 2018 01:05 am     Reply

I'm confused is there more or is it like a skit of them going through their journey quickly for us.

Noahepix, Jan 05 2018 04:26 am     Reply

Teleporting around makes sense but...
Panel 7, Are you sure this is the right comic? I feel like somethin's different...

Flareon1, Jan 05 2018 06:10 am     Reply

In the sixth panel Talon is just sitting there calmly falling XD

wifijoe, Jan 05 2018 08:03 am     Reply

Naya, that is fire. It is ok to be next to it.
Oh, second to last panel, they probably co-exist in the same world, but it's more fun to say that amber can travel across dimensions.

Shadow_Strikr, Jan 05 2018 08:17 am     Reply

Classic Naya
Being a fire type freaking out about a fire, considering she likes water, you sure Naya isn’t secretly a grass type?

@Flareon1: clearly he’s attempting to float via meditation.

Experiment04LLZ, Jan 05 2018 08:35 am     Reply

nice cameo, whens the next page for that comic?

Shotgun Chuck, Jan 05 2018 02:47 pm     Reply

@Experiment04LLZ: When it's ready.

TheJGamer, Jan 05 2018 05:10 pm     Reply

Amber's skills haven't changed much it seems

ShadowStalker1128, Jan 05 2018 05:15 pm     Reply

Relax Naya, that's called 'fire'. Keep in mind that you are, indeed, a 'fire' type XD

Flamel, Jan 05 2018 10:02 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: PRS ok did I miss something or is this in reference to a different comic I haven't seen.

Experiment04LLZ, Jan 05 2018 11:46 pm     Reply

@Shotgun Chuck: fair enough

NeonUmbreon, Jan 06 2018 05:03 am     Reply

crossover tiiiiime~

Silvertheumbreon, Jan 06 2018 06:32 pm     Reply

Lol naya's a fire type not a camp fire!

TalkingEevee, Jan 08 2018 01:23 pm     Reply

Lucky you Naya! You won a trip to different dimensions! Have fun~

Nekomata-chan, Jan 09 2018 12:50 pm     Reply

@Nashew: Pfft. I mean, it could be worse... Maybe.

@Zirilon: Bwahahaha. Spoiler: I made it. -shot-

@Ryan Prower: It's just a bunch of panels showing their teleportation mayhem.

@Noahepix: Is it? Hmmm...

@Flareon1: Talon is just 'this again?'

@wifijoe: They either exist in the same dimension or Amber can accidentally travel between dimensions. =P Your pick.

@Shadow_Strikr: Who knows. xD

@Experimento4LLZ: It'll get done when it gets done.

@TheJGamer: Nah. She didn't level up enough in the temple, clearly.

@ShadowStalker1128: She still panics around it. xD

@Flamel: It's a reference to PMD Crossroads. It's a collaboration comic- check my profile for a link. xD

@NeonUmbreon: Nope. Not yet anyway.

@Silvertheumbreon: yup. xD

@TalkingEevee: Wheeeee!

Flareon1, Jan 09 2018 03:28 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: XD it kind of seems he knew that was going to happen

Flamel, Jan 10 2018 07:47 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Oh Really I have been waiting for tat comic to update. I just didn't notice the character.

buscuit, Jan 13 2018 03:14 am     Reply

The campfire... is very angry.
After all, it is roaring.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 20 2018 11:40 am     Reply

@buscuit: With all the force of an angry campfire! xD


BowtheSylveon (Guest), Apr 29 2018 06:43 pm     Reply


Lost£evee (Guest), Jun 22 2018 02:39 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: NO! NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Tries to gun down Neko while yelling "NOO!" repeatedly.*

Glaceon:3 (Guest), Aug 24 2018 04:13 pm     Reply

Talon's just sitting in the air like, "when we get there, imma kill you." XD

Shruikan, May 25 2019 09:22 am     Reply

Out of everything I expected to see here, Edgar and Natalya were definitely low on the list.

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