Dec 22 2017 12:01 am

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Dec 21 2017 04:08 pm     Reply

Naya wants to nope out of the tension.

Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:54 am     Reply

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User Comments:

TheJGamer, Dec 22 2017 12:09 am     Reply

Man, screw the rules. They're meant to be broken.

Noahepix, Dec 22 2017 12:27 am     Reply

I'm calling it right now,
The pokemon on that poster is gonna be freakin' Naya.

mjtkty (Guest), Dec 22 2017 01:37 am     Reply

@Noahepix: She doesn't look shocked as Ace and Nyra are. Plus, the council would have recognize Naya by now.

Noahepix, Dec 22 2017 02:11 am     Reply

@mjtkty: Well i can only hope for a plot twist to happen.

Koren, Dec 22 2017 03:40 am     Reply

It's either the Kabutopses, Giratina, or one of Talon's party.

AbbieQuail, Dec 22 2017 08:37 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan:Let me guess - "have you seen a Flareon - oh there she is nevermind"

Guest, Dec 23 2017 02:02 pm     Reply

@Noahepix: I thought it would be Reggie

Littledc, Dec 23 2017 04:15 pm     Reply

Nrya looks confused and concerned?

buscuit, Dec 23 2017 04:15 pm     Reply

Whats on the wanted picture? Why, It's a flareon. A canon flareon. It's much uglier, hence their shocked expressions.

Zirilon, Dec 23 2017 04:23 pm     Reply

On the next page, the Noivern realizes that that isn't the wanted poster. It's in fact an embarrassing love letter to their sweetheart.

Nekomata-chan, Dec 23 2017 04:47 pm     Reply

@TheJGamer: AGREED

@Noahepix: Is it?

@Mjtkty: Maybe it's cause she's just always confused.

@Koren: We'll see!

@AbiieQuail: PFft.

@Guest: That COULD explain why Reggie went MIA. But then again, Reggie is Reggie and probably just wandered off.

@Little: Both?

@buscuit: Best comment of 2017.

@Zirilon: Omg. xD

wifijoe, Dec 23 2017 05:05 pm     Reply

I don't care if I'm entirely wrong, but it's either going to be one of the people that put out the flame, or someone on their team.

Doodledragon11 (Guest), Dec 24 2017 12:19 pm     Reply

What if the pokemon on the poster is Echo

Nekomata-chan, Dec 29 2017 12:01 am     Reply

@wifijoe: Oh really?

@Doodledragon11: naaah

NeonUmbreon, Jan 06 2018 05:01 am     Reply

*forgets to comment*
Mistakes will be made!

Okaun, Feb 04 2019 02:30 pm     Reply


Shruikan, May 25 2019 09:04 am     Reply

And this was when Naya discovered she was in a comic. :P

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