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Nekomata-chan, Dec 07 2017 12:24 am     Reply


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User Comments:

Nashew, Dec 07 2017 12:27 am     Reply

*Reggie emote*

-FluorescentScales-, Dec 08 2017 01:27 am     Reply

Aww his little face in the last panel XD

Silvertheumbreon, Dec 08 2017 05:53 am     Reply

Lol Reggie be crying over what? Questions

Koren, Dec 08 2017 07:56 am     Reply

I lol'd at the GoT reference. The plusle, on the other hand, looks annoyed.

Zirilon, Dec 08 2017 08:14 am     Reply

Ah the happy Naya one panel limit.

TheJGamer, Dec 08 2017 12:21 pm     Reply

The only use for Reggie is for his puppy-dog eyes to entice any intruders to not intrude

Oh, and getting access

wifijoe, Dec 08 2017 09:51 pm     Reply

Poor Reggie, will never get a break

somerandomguynumber1, Dec 09 2017 02:30 am     Reply

Moltres: It's not even fall yet

azuraevley, Dec 09 2017 09:19 pm     Reply

i almost felt bad for reggie
*reggie emote*

PhantomCat, Dec 09 2017 11:50 pm     Reply

my SON

Littledc, Dec 09 2017 11:58 pm     Reply

Question- Where did Reggie get his hat from? XD

buscuit, Dec 10 2017 03:07 pm     Reply

The hat is here, the hat is here, the hat makes Reggie whole again.

NeonUmbreon, Dec 11 2017 05:20 pm     Reply

*sigh* yes Reggie, you are so popular that you get special permissions

Nekomata-chan, Dec 23 2017 04:36 pm     Reply

@Nashew: Best emote.

@-FluorescentScales-: He's too nerdy and doesn't want to leeaaave!

@Silvertheumbreon: Reggie crying cause he thought he was about to be shoo'd away.

@Koren: I don't even watch GoT but it felt appropriate. And yeah. She's always annoyed.

@Zirilon: Yup. No more happy Naya forever.

@TheJGamer: Pfft.

@wifijoe: Indeed.

@somerandomguynumber1: YET.

@azuraevley: Almost?

@PhantomCat: He was fun to draaaw!

@Little: Magic.

@buscuit: He is whole. Until he loses it again.

@NeonUmbreon: Of course.

Shruikan, May 25 2019 08:51 am     Reply

Plot twist: Reggie is the main villain all along, and is using his puppy-dog eyes as a cover for his nefarious schemes.

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