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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Nov 29 2017 10:36 pm     Reply

Finally an easy page. =') Back to busy pages after this. Crowd scenes will be the death of me.

Advertisement, May 19 2019 01:53 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Nashew, Nov 30 2017 11:28 pm     Reply

I like this explanation for Mega Evolution.

TheJGamer, Dec 01 2017 12:16 am     Reply

Don't worry Naya, Cero's "scary monster" evolution's gonna help ya!

Zirilon, Dec 01 2017 07:27 am     Reply

Yes Naya, everything bad will happen to it and it will hurt. Don't you know who your creator is? Just look through the fourth wall.

Neolancer, Dec 01 2017 07:55 am     Reply

naya wake up

NikuComics, Dec 01 2017 10:27 am     Reply

That was a new way to look at mega evolution. :o sounds cool however.

wifijoe, Dec 01 2017 11:11 pm     Reply

yay for easy page!

very good idea of mega evolution

Littledc, Dec 02 2017 09:43 am     Reply

Naya immediately asks if it will hurt, I feel bad she has to ask this for everything XD

NeonUmbreon, Dec 03 2017 07:01 pm     Reply

yes Naya, everything hurts

sirintellegence, Dec 04 2017 10:04 pm     Reply

Question: wouldn't it technically be "Wake up, it is getting early" or is she getting up at night?

Guest Who (Guest), Dec 06 2017 08:11 am     Reply

Wait. Please don't tell me that Naya's charm is one of the rare relics. That's a crime against literature.

buscuit, Dec 10 2017 03:05 pm     Reply

Echo knows about Mega Evolution because he can evolve into Maniacal Laugh Echo.

... he basically just laughs evilly is his new power.

wergler (Guest), Dec 12 2017 07:44 pm     Reply

Normal pokemon like "us" does that mean echo might not be girantina after all o.O or he's just being manipulative haha

Amazing comic btw!

Nekomata-chan, Dec 23 2017 04:33 pm     Reply

@Nashew: Thank You! =D

@TheJGamer: Will it? What if he goes rouge again?

@Zirilon: Bwahahahaha.

@NikuComics: I needed a new way considering there's no humans in this world. xD

@Wifi joe: Easy pages are the best. Also thanks!

@Littledc: It's all Echo's fault.

@NeonUmbreon: Poor Naya.

@sirintellegence: It's the late morning at this point.

@Guest Who: Gotta keep reading to find out.

@buscuit: Clearly that's his mega evolution. Sarcasm stat goes through the roof.

@wergler: Hmmmmmm. Which is it? And thank you!

LKWayvern, Feb 18 2018 09:17 pm     Reply

Is the combination of Articuno and Absol in particular a reference to Rescue Team? Because I remember Absol talking Articuno out of attacking the Hero and Partner in that game...

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