Nov 24 2017 12:01 am

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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Nov 23 2017 11:52 pm     Reply

Me: This page won't take more than one or two hours. It'll be any easy page. I should be able to get this done early.
-spends four hours-


xD Had a blast on this one. I'm struggling fitting all the dialogue I want on the page though. xD RIP.

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:39 am     Reply

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User Comments:

WiispNightmare, Nov 24 2017 12:04 am     Reply

Echo please
You just like toying with poor floof.

TheJGamer, Nov 24 2017 12:28 am     Reply

Well, if it isn't Echo again

XNerd2, Nov 24 2017 12:32 am     Reply

Echo, the totally trustworthy doppelganger.
Echo, you know with that attitude you nearly shot yourself in the foot by not being upfront with that sort of thing to your host personality. And while Naya isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, it is mostly due to being really naive from their memory loss, not actual stupidity, so she's probably going to realize that deflection you just pulled on her in a little while. I mean Moltres really shouldn't going anywhere any time soon after getting beat up like that.

Koren, Nov 24 2017 03:35 am     Reply

The first quote was Echo! I called that! (As did several others, but still.)

Nashew, Nov 24 2017 09:54 am     Reply

Echo's face in panel 3 is the best.

wifijoe, Nov 24 2017 10:03 pm     Reply

next time... Echo, how do you know th- never mind, this is echo where talking about XD

NeonUmbreon, Nov 25 2017 09:39 am     Reply

Echo is as Echo does, there is nothing better then watching Echo mess with Naya

buscuit, Nov 28 2017 02:11 am     Reply

We got a shrugger. Need more free shrugs.

Littledc, Nov 29 2017 06:36 pm     Reply

"I help you" I assume that means barely escaping death from a situation Echo got Naya into lol

Zirilon, Nov 30 2017 11:29 pm     Reply

Naya's brain is filled with water. She has been swimming too much.

LKWayvern, Feb 18 2018 09:11 pm     Reply

Before now, I thought Echo lived in Naya's necklace.
Echo said that Naya met him a few days before she got amnesia.
So either Echo was lying about that, Echo doesn't live in the necklace, or Naya got the necklace, went through traumatic events, evolved, went through more traumatic events, went to the island in search of something, was caught up in a volcanic eruption, and got amnesia.
Naya has led a very eventful life this past week and she can't even remember most of it.

Then again, the necklace in the flashback looks less... shiny.
It's possible Naya always had the necklace but Echo recently moved into it, too, maybe. I have theories as to Echo's identity(besides Giratina) but I'm not 100% sure still.

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