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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Sep 08 2017 01:54 am     Reply

Naya's epic moment is over. Poor Naya just wants this done.

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:30 am     Reply

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User Comments:

NeonUmbreon, Sep 08 2017 02:36 am     Reply

Back to the cardgame!

somerandomguynumber1, Sep 08 2017 03:03 am     Reply

kill them with fire!

ArionArts, Sep 08 2017 06:36 am     Reply

Okay I know there's likely about to be an awesome showdown, but

so cute ^w^

TalkingEevee, Sep 08 2017 06:50 am     Reply

Oh hey, Naya seems OK from her combustion:)

ShadowStalker1128, Sep 08 2017 07:37 am     Reply

Omg Naya you precious baby <3 <3

Aura flame, Sep 08 2017 09:13 am     Reply

Okay, number one: if they could have done that the whole time why didn't they break the barrier a long time ago? Number two: is nobody reacting to the spring flame dying? And number three: ARE MIST AND THE YAMASK PLAYING WITH POKEMON CARDS?!

Nashew, Sep 08 2017 01:30 pm     Reply

The type advantage, sure. But not the "main characters" advantage.

runesage, Sep 08 2017 01:35 pm     Reply

@Aura flame: they were playing pokemon cards two pages ago as well

Aura flame, Sep 08 2017 01:45 pm     Reply

@runesage: I know, I only just realized they were Pokémon cards though.

JollySyko (Guest), Sep 08 2017 01:47 pm     Reply

The card game continues. *sigh* That's the meme of this comic: "When you need to settle things, play cards

Vortex_, Sep 08 2017 03:31 pm     Reply

This will protect us! - Winston

TheJGamer, Sep 08 2017 05:50 pm     Reply

good job naya u dodged the friendly solarbeam

Zirilon, Sep 08 2017 06:55 pm     Reply

Naya really should just join the card game. Seems much more her level of combat. Leave the real fighting to the big bad doggies.

NikuComics, Sep 11 2017 12:42 pm     Reply

are they-- They are playing cards back there!

buscuit, Sep 19 2017 11:44 am     Reply

Hmm? Is that Naya being very scared of grass type moves? Intriguing...

Nekomata-chan, Sep 27 2017 04:37 pm     Reply

@NeonUmbreon: It's the most important part.

@somerandomguynumber1: YES.

@ArionArts: Naya is precious and too pure for this kind of fighting.

@TalkingEevee: She's terrified and shaken up.

@ShadowStalker1128: Ahahahaha

@Nashew: Main character advantage does not have any effect in this comic.

@Aura flame: Moltres broke the barrier- with a fully charged solar beam. I'd venture she's got more power than anyone else being a legendary and whatnot. Everyone's too focused on other things to worry about the flame. And yes, they've been playing the card game for a few pages now.

@Vortex_: Will it really though?

@TheJGamer: Naya has no concept of friendly fire.

@Zirilon: She should have.

@NikuComics: Yes. Yes they are. They've been playing for a few pages now, I think.

@buscuit: Naya is scared of everything.

Shotgun Chuck, Oct 01 2017 01:17 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: That's the thing, though, there is no such thing as friendly fire (unless you have an ability that can absorb it, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that Naya has Guts instead). Once it's out there, it's as unfriendly as it gets.

KittenFiesta, Jan 24 2018 07:56 pm     Reply

Guest, Feb 07 2019 03:27 am     Reply

all of mist's cards are purple
must be psychic/poison/ghost types.
im betting ghost

Shruikan, May 18 2019 03:58 am     Reply

And of course Mist would be using Psychic cards. I wonder is she has a Mismagius card in there?

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