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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Aug 29 2017 02:57 am     Reply

Even Mist knows better than to trust Amber's teleportation at such an important time... It's okay though- we've got Naya to the rescue!

Advertisement, May 19 2019 01:56 am     Reply

Nekomata-chan, Sep 02 2017 07:35 pm     Reply

@ArionArts: I'm well aware of the many many MANY typos in the comic. I hate it when people point them out as much as you hate being 'that one person'.

The thing is, I don't have time to go back and fix every typo I posts. If I don't fix it before I upload it, too bad. It's staying (unless the typo is bad enough to effect the intended plot). You see, I upload the comic to several sites. To fix one typo, I go into the file, edit it, save it in two different formats, then re-upload to each individual site- each of which has it's own upload/edit process. It's just not worth it in my mind for a silly typo.

I tire of posts that consist of nothing except 'You made a typo!' very quickly. I get e-mail notifications about comments and am quick to check them when I have a break. It's always disappointing to see someone stating what I already know is there instead of stuff like predictions, opinions, thoughts, etc. on what's going on (which are actually helpful and effect how I approach future pages.)

TL;DR - I dislike comments that consist of nothing but a typo correction. Also, I'm unlikely to go back and fix typos unless they're bad enough cause it takes too much time to edit and re-upload to 5 sites.

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User Comments:

Nashew, Aug 29 2017 01:57 pm     Reply

Idunno, do we trust Echo?

TheJGamer, Sep 01 2017 12:34 am     Reply

Decisions, decisions...

Zirilon, Sep 01 2017 01:36 am     Reply

Let's see, we have a KO'ed snek, a still trapped dogy, a spinning dizzy abra and the only one able to do anything is a shiny butt sillyfloof. Yup, things are under control here.

ImJustHere (Guest), Sep 01 2017 03:39 am     Reply

Ultimate Decision: Red: Protect the flame at all costs! If the flame goes out its over! Trust that moltres can handle the kabutops. Blue: Moltres needs help! Trust echo and save the legendary's life!
Which will naya choose?

Guest, Sep 01 2017 05:20 am     Reply

@ImJustHere: look if the flame goes out an moltres lives, moltres can make a new flame but if she dies then a nother legndry will have to die but there will still be a flame.

so its a lose win kinda thing...

JollySyko (Guest), Sep 01 2017 06:45 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Your alive! Glad to see you feeling a bit motivated to draw a new page!
Also, your new profile pic? So dapper

NeonUmbreon, Sep 01 2017 07:15 am     Reply

Does Naya listen to the voice once again? Or screw everything up?

Moonlight umbreyon (Guest), Sep 01 2017 12:15 pm     Reply

Poor little naya let's see who she trust more.

Koren, Sep 01 2017 12:46 pm     Reply

I'd try to save Moltres. If Moltres made the first flame, can't she make another if necessary?

wifijoe, Sep 01 2017 09:08 pm     Reply

I'm pretty sure that Moltres is more important, save her

buscuit, Sep 01 2017 10:05 pm     Reply

We could go with option 3:
"Don't make a descision and roll around in the grass."

ArionArts, Sep 02 2017 08:19 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: I get that :P

I suppose I also hate it when I get comments like that on my stuff tbh. (There's this person who comments on every. single. post of mine on another site just asking me to follow them on instagram.)

I personally don't post predictions and stuff, cause I kiiiinnndddaaaaa am subconsciously afraid I'll get somehow judged. Idk, it's weird.

P.S. I am also exited to see what the "moltres is the real target" thing is.

Sorry if I was annoying, I didn't really think about it being that way ;w;

Nekomata-chan, Sep 02 2017 08:24 pm     Reply

@ArionArts: It's fine. I get a little annoyed by it after a while. By the time someone posts 'YOU MADE A TYPO' type posts, I already know about it. And when the typo is the ONLY thing mentioned in the post, it's just a bit unnecessary and doesn't tell me anything new. It gets really frustrating really fast cause I look forward to comments.

Comments focusing on the page, story, characters, how people feel about events, etc. tell me more than you think- which is why I love them. For example, the number of comments concerned for Lucy during the Rock Slide was unexpected- people liked her more than I thought! If people predict things I had meant to be hard to guess, then it means I'm being a little too loose with info- or the opposite can be true- if people are surprised over things I didn't mean to be surprised! There's a lot to get from people's posts. But Typo posts? Not so much.

Guest, Sep 03 2017 10:43 am     Reply

@Koren: yup

LKWayvern, Feb 18 2018 09:03 pm     Reply

I just noticed Mist and Yamask are playing with Pokemon Cards. Who's winning, though??

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