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Nekomata-chan, Jun 14 2017 06:44 pm     Reply


Advertisement, Nov 13 2019 04:55 am     Reply

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Nashew, Jun 14 2017 08:04 pm     Reply

Mist in panel 4 might be my favorite thing ever

Nekomata-chan, Jun 15 2017 05:09 pm     Reply

@Nashew: It's my favorite thing too. <3

TheJGamer, Jun 16 2017 12:07 am     Reply

Now if only Gen VIII was like this.

Amazing battle scenes, Neko. You never fail to impress me. =D

42Meep, Jun 16 2017 12:46 am     Reply

PMD:RS is now officially a Gen VII webcomic.

Flamel, Jun 16 2017 06:25 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: I am making a Comic now and I want to know how do you change the background of the webpage? I can get to where the code is I just don't know what to look for.

Guest, Jun 16 2017 07:22 am     Reply


Mist by far is the gratest and she looks so funny fighting in the 4th pannel!!!!

ALSO! where is Naya???

somerandomguynumber1, Jun 16 2017 09:08 am     Reply


MoogleSam, Jun 16 2017 09:17 am     Reply

Mist in panel 4 is hilarious.

But more seriously, RIP Naya who is clearly dead due to not being able to fight.

Skylar101, Jun 16 2017 10:19 am     Reply

I wonder what color that Minior is...


buscuit, Jun 16 2017 01:06 pm     Reply


Moonlight umbreyon (Guest), Jun 16 2017 10:22 pm     Reply

The twins are up to something ?

WiispNightmare, Jun 17 2017 07:09 am     Reply

Mist: "Put up yer dukes!"
Yamask: "BRING IT."

Littledc, Jun 17 2017 12:07 pm     Reply

Ghost fight, wonder how that will end XD

Moonlight umbryon (Guest), Jun 18 2017 12:26 pm     Reply

I'm not good at predicting but here it goes there are at least two or more things that can happen to make them loose and only one way that will win so here it goes
Bad guy's
.1 badeys will out number them
.2 badeys will suverly inger one if the main
.3 badeys will just win therow normal battle
.4 will rechret
Good guy's
.1 win with sher luck
.2 will rechret
.3 the twins big brother comes with that museryus Pokemon
.4 thay win normally and I'm just making it to completed

NeonUmbreon, Jun 18 2017 07:32 pm     Reply

the twins have... 'that face' again

Flamel, Jun 19 2017 09:55 am     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Hey do you know what the dimensions of the background is.

Zirilon, Jun 19 2017 04:45 pm     Reply

One time a guy my dad knew grabbed a running chainsaw to stop the chain... Reggie reminds me of this for some reason...

Nekomata-chan, Aug 16 2017 03:02 pm     Reply

@TheJGamer: Pfft. We'll see. And thank you!

@42Meep: PRS will change and adapt to include bits of newer generations as I see fit! We originally started during Gen IV after all! (Original original PRS. Comic started in gen B)

@Flamel: This is very late, but go to settings > Design and Appearance!

@somerandomguynumber1: PFFT. Asking Naya for support might not be the best idea!

@MoogleSam: Mist is perfect. xD

@Skylar101: That minior's color is ------

@buscuit: Eternal spinning.

@WiispNightmare: LET ME AT 'EM!

@Littledc: I'm pretty sure most punch moves are normal type. So probably in a draw where no one gets hurt. xD

@NeonUmbreon: They always do though. xD

@Flamel: Uh... I think 900px wide for the PRS background, I'm not sure though.

Flamel, Aug 27 2017 03:23 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: It's ok that it's a late reply you had a lot going on at the time and even though it is late it's just nice to know that you still took the time to answer to those who are still reading your comic so thanks.

Flamel, Aug 27 2017 03:24 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: It's ok that it's a late reply you had a lot going on at the time and even though it is late it's just nice to know that you still took the time to answer to those who are still reading your comic so thanks.

comercole, Jan 04 2019 01:29 am     Reply

hahaha this oda be good.

Shruikan, May 18 2019 03:27 am     Reply

Ghost fisticuffs is the best kind.

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