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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, May 31 2017 04:48 pm     Reply

Is my birthday tomorrow! YAY.


And for those who say they aren't good at art: Just practice. You may not notice the improvement right away, but it'll come. Don't believe me? Look at the first panel of this page vs the last panel of the page linked below.


Three years of improvement!

Lastly, just throwing this out there again- the link to the PRS discord server. I call it the PRS server, but it's for all sorts of insanity. xD


Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:24 am     Reply

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User Comments:

42Meep, Jun 02 2017 12:53 am     Reply

Poop about to hit the fan.
Also, *sings very cringy restaurant happy birthday song*

Littledc, Jun 02 2017 01:02 am     Reply

Reggie look like he gonna EXPLODE.
Also, happy ea- oh wait its past 12... happy birthday!
Also, in that server, is MTMTE a sort of insanity? XD
(edit: I was wrong, its actually now as I edit this XD)

Moonlight umbreyon (Guest), Jun 02 2017 02:52 am     Reply

The suspense is so good it's crazy!!!

NeonUmbreon, Jun 02 2017 04:18 am     Reply

insert intense battle music here

Neolancer, Jun 02 2017 04:20 am     Reply

Well new page looks great

DragonMoonWolf, Jun 02 2017 07:18 am     Reply

Happy birthday for tommorow! (Or today, I dunno when this will be read :p)

WiispNightmare, Jun 02 2017 09:04 am     Reply

Happy birfdayyyy :D

Looks like someone finally decided to be helpful

And at the same time unhelpful


Guest, Jun 02 2017 09:42 am     Reply


Guest, Jun 02 2017 09:43 am     Reply

also ALL OF YOU RRRUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaede The Black Eevee, Jun 02 2017 10:04 am     Reply


TheJGamer, Jun 02 2017 10:25 am     Reply

Yay, happy birthday!

On the comic: Welp, they're dead. Unless if an anticlimatic thing were to happen right now.

RealBoxTheEevee, Jun 02 2017 11:21 am     Reply

Happy Birthday

Nashew, Jun 02 2017 03:43 pm     Reply


Also happy birthday Neko~!

Skylar101, Jun 02 2017 06:55 pm     Reply


Sonicthunder2001 (Guest), Jun 02 2017 08:02 pm     Reply

Happy birthday
Happy birthday!? (Gives tm move flamethrower) this is for you.

EJ122, Jun 02 2017 08:22 pm     Reply

Have a great birthday, Nekomata-chan!

Captain Oblivious, Jun 02 2017 08:44 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: Happy Late birthday ^^'

wifijoe, Jun 04 2017 09:27 pm     Reply

Happy belated birthday! Why am I always late for these things?

Nekomata-chan, Jun 15 2017 05:04 pm     Reply

@42Meep: It sure is. xD

@Littledc: He's having a nerd attack. I know how that feels.

@Moonlight Umbreyon: Thank you!

@NeonUmbreon: DUN DUN DUN

@Neolancer: Thank you! Been having a blast with the last few pages!

DragonMoonWolf: Thank you!

@WiispNightmare: That's Echo for ya!

@TheJGamer: As cruel as I might be, I don't think it'd be good writing to kill everyone off this early.

@Nashew: Thank you!

To everyone cause I'm behind on comment responses: THANK YOU FOR THE B-DAY WISHES!

JollySyko (Guest), Jul 13 2017 08:28 am     Reply

@NeonUmbreon: OMG YAAAAAS!

Shruikan, May 18 2019 03:19 am     Reply

I sometimes forget how tiny the Fletchling is compared to the rest of the cast.
(Is her name Lucy? I'm ashamed to say I can't seem to remember.)

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