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Author Comments:

Nekomata-chan, Jan 15 2017 05:07 pm     Reply

Poor Bern.

PRS is now on break! We'll return with updates as soon as I get Chapter 7 script and some buffer ready. I'm hoping this won't last more than a month or two.

I will continue the prologue remake pages in the meantime, though!

Advertisement, May 25 2019 08:36 am     Reply

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User Comments:

Pure umbreon, Jan 20 2017 04:45 am     Reply

The mother's tail is not a light.
She must of put up one hard fight.
She dies, I must say.
Mew :(

X man, Jan 20 2017 04:51 am     Reply

Oh my god that's brutal, just gonna have a giant stone Perce though her chest as her son crys as she dies, that's harsh, I know this was to be expected but god.

9rainbowtails, Jan 20 2017 05:42 am     Reply

So much sadness. I am crying *sob*

wifijoe, Jan 20 2017 07:51 am     Reply

I normally don't get the feels but man, it's coming down on me like a rock!

WildfireK, Jan 20 2017 08:39 am     Reply

Rock tomb.

NeonUmbreon, Jan 20 2017 09:19 am     Reply


Koal, Jan 20 2017 10:03 am     Reply

The feels are too much!

WriterRaven, Jan 20 2017 10:21 am     Reply

The saddest of cuddles! Poor Bern!

Pure umbreon, Jan 20 2017 04:40 pm     Reply

R.I.P mother Charizard, R.I.P. Mew mew mew :(

buscuit, Jan 21 2017 01:12 am     Reply

I saw this coming, but I still didn't want to admit it to my 'happy ending' part of the brain.
I'll give a hand to Bern, though. He's got the presence of mind to try to help his mother.

Pichu90, Jan 21 2017 09:11 am     Reply

@X man: Thats why we read this comic because it provides laughter and sorrow.

But also because its awesome.

X man, Jan 21 2017 01:37 pm     Reply

@Pichu90: this is true.

espeon8812, Jan 21 2017 04:51 pm     Reply

Nu ;-; Not mommy Charizard.

The last time I cried this much was...well...
A week ago :/

That's what I get for reading Heroes of Olympus.

SparkySharkhead, Jan 21 2017 07:45 pm     Reply

This is so sad ;-;
she shielded her son and now she's gone

CryingRn (Guest), Jan 22 2017 01:15 pm     Reply


somerandomguynumber1, Jan 23 2017 07:45 am     Reply

May she rest in peace.

Nekomata-chan, Jan 26 2017 12:38 pm     Reply

@Pure umbreon: Pyrra's light is gone. Poor Bern is now all alone. </3

@X man: Yup. We all knew this was coming, but it doesn't make it any less painful. Drawing this hurt my soul.

@9rainbowtails: I'm sorry. </3 I'm not even done with the sad stuff for this story arc.

@wifijoe: That was a terrible pun. D'8

@WildfireK: Not quite, but the effect is the same. </3

@NeonUmbreon: Dead indeed.

@Koal: Imagine having to draw this. </3

@buscuit: I think most saw this coming, we just always want to believe everything will be okay. But I'm not that kind of author. The good guys are gonna win some and lose some.

@Pichu90: Fun fact: I'm not done with the sorrow for this story arc. Bwahahahahaa!

@espeon8812: I'm both sorry and happy that I've made people cry. It means I'm doing something right. </3 But it still hurts.

@SparkySharkhead: Any good mother would be willing to sacrifice herself for her children. </3 Pyrra was best mom.

@CryingRn: ;-;

@somerandomguynumber1: Not in pieces? -shot-

Pure umbreon, Jan 26 2017 02:38 pm     Reply

@Nekomata-chan: yup. So sad. Mew

DragonNight (Guest), Jan 31 2017 03:25 pm     Reply

I can't stop crying when I see this page. R.I.P. Bern momma. (10 days since I saw this) *CRYING INTENSIFIES*

To see life get destroyed in anyway no matter where it is is so sad for me. Still love the comic tho

avigail<3Fell (Guest), Mar 12 2017 08:15 pm     Reply

i just noticed in very light pyrra says 'stay strong' jezz now THAT add more tears

avigail<3Fell (Guest), Mar 12 2017 08:16 pm     Reply

like at the very top of the pannel in very light,so light you have to look up close she says 'stay strong'!

Dragon Lord (Guest), Apr 06 2017 11:49 pm     Reply

HOLY WOLF TAILS ON RATTLESNAKES!!!!! I haven't cried this much since my dog died. The sadness, it is accumulating and may fill the hole in my heart with tears some day. Great comic and keep up the work! The feels though... They are real.

Edit: Just realized, look under Bern's mother. A huge pool of blood, that Bern is sitting in. The feels are coming back stronger.

Woofy (Guest), Sep 08 2017 03:10 pm     Reply


LostĀ£evee (Guest), Jun 22 2018 11:22 am     Reply

@avigail<3Fell: Cliche "Stay strong."
Sin Count: 1 *shot*
(Also, this is a Cinemasins reference. No offense to the comic whatsoever.)

GlassGurl, Apr 30 2019 08:27 pm     Reply

This is just to much sadness

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